Burger King becomes third sponsor for Belgian League

Until now, Burger King has always been associated with fried food delicacies at affordable prices, yet now the gigantic fast food chain is the latest to become involved in the esports community by becoming a sponsor for Riot Games and the 4Entertainment’s Belgian League. It has been confirmed that the burger franchise will be the national league’s third key sponsor for a minimum of one season, but likely more, even though full details of the deal are not yet public knowledge. This big announcement came about shortly after the first two sponsors of the league were delivered by Automobile manufacturer, Audi, and computer hardware company, OMEN who own HP.

Marketing Manager for Burger King, Vic Dresen, spoke confidently in an interview about how the decision came about and what this means for them:

“Esports have been booming for several years now – their popularity continues to rise, especially among the younger generations. We see a big overlap between the gaming community and the fans of BURGER KING®. League of Legends is known for gamers getting rather heated in the game. Teammates flame each other when they are playing a bad game.”

By even throwing in a few fast food puns along the way, Vic Dresen continued by saying:

“In true LoL terminology, this means that teammates will not hold back to insult each other quite fiercely! We like to leave the “flaming” to the gamers, but we at BURGER KING® are experts in flame grilling! We are looking forward to a lot of exciting gameplay from our Belgian teams.”

The Belgian League already have six confirmed teams for the year and these include, Brussels Guardians, Sector One, Aethra Esports, KV Mechelen, RSCA Esports and Timeout Esports.

More information about the league and the involvement of sponsors will likely become available in the coming weeks.