upgrade their esports gambling platform

Esports gambling platform,, who are also known through their parent company name, Esports Entertainment Group Inc, have recently announced the latest version of their platform which largely focusses on esports wagering and gaming for those players of 18+.

CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, Mr Grant Johnson, quoted in an interview the following statement, which highlights the positive impact this new release will have:

“This is another major milestone for our Company. This is our strongest release ever, with every new feature esports gambling enthusiasts could wish for in a platform. Combined with our unsurpassed transparency as a result of our status as a fully reporting public company, we believe is strongly positioned for success in 2020.”

The main difference between this now current version of the site, and the previous state, is that now there is a larger focus on betting options for users which include Pool Betting, Fantasy Betting, Fixed Odds and Pari-Mutuel, all designed to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

In addition to the style of betting, there will now be a heavier focus on the type of coverage audiences are expected to see on the platform. Real-time streaming and content highlights have been dramatically increased and all of which will be available on a range of operating devices.