A Look at League of Legends News

It’s already been a busy year when it comes to League of Legends and there have already been some big tournaments played. This also appears to be a sport that has some big updates every single week, and that has been the case this week as well. 

Some of the most recent news will only impact action in certain parts of the world, while other updates will impact the entire sport. Not only will some of these changes impact the entertainment side of things, but it could also have an impact on betting. 

LCS Switching Up Format

The LoL LCS features the top North American teams and there is a year long schedule that is set for these teams. This league is going to be making a switch in the competition format, and it’s a change that will align it with the rest of the leagues. 

Instead of playing a best-of-one series like it has for the last 6+ years, the LCS is now going back to a best-of-three format. The LPL in China and the LCK in Korea have been playing best-of-three matchups, and it has created much more excitement. 

All of the playoff action in the LCS is currently a best-of-five situation, and that isn’t going to change moving forward. Those are the biggest matchups throughout the year, and that’s why they tend to feature more action than regular season events. 

The rest of the LCS schedule isn’t going to see a major change, even though the fans were hoping for more league action throughout the week. There will actually be less matchups throughout the week, but this should create a bigger rivalry in each matchup. 

This new change will take place during the 2024 Summer Split, which will actually be broken up into two different parts this year. Some teams will be competing in the Esports World Cup and teams will have a two week break in order to compete in that inaugural tournament in Saudi Arabia. 

Karmine Corp Adds a Veteran

Karmine Corp had a miserable Spring Split in the LEC with a last place finish, and leaders of that team are looking to do something about it. Instead of trying to run it back with the same team in the Summer Split, Karmine Corp has reached a verbal agreement with “Closer.”

Closer was sitting out on the free agent market as he has not competed at the professional level so far this season. The veteran jungler has had a ton of success throughout his career, and his addition should at least make Karmine Corp more competitive. 

His biggest success came back in 2021 as he helped 100 Thieves to a win in the LCS. Closer continued to play with 100 Thieves through two more World Championship appearances, but his run ended back in 2023. 

This team has gone just 2-7 so far in 2024, and this is an organization that is used to being one of the best in the sport. 

A Look at Mid-Season Invitational

The first major international event of the year is coming soon as teams from different regions are going to be competing at the Mid-Season Invitational 2024. This version of the event will be held at Chinese Chengu, while the last season’s version came in 2023. 

The top four regions are going to get two teams each in this event, and that is where the betting favorites come as well. G2 Esports and Fnatic will represent the LEC, and those are two of the favorites to win this event. 

Like most League of Legends competitions, there will be a group stage that is followed by bracket play until a champion is crowned.