A Looming Ghostbusters Partnership at the Fortnite Halloween Event

The Fortnite Ghostbusters collaboration is a rare Halloween treat that is yet to come your away, though still an unconfirmed leak. This catches many fanatics by surprise as Epic has a quite forthcoming reputation with historic crossovers such as Battle Royale with the Marvel superheroes.

To mark the 2020 Halloween’s celebration, Epic recently deployed the legendary Fortnitemares 2020. Fortnitemares 2020 is a seasonal edition that looks forward to crowning Nightmare Royale. This position is achieved by the last survivor, who must be undead.

Ghostbusters: The Thrilling Video Game

If you are a Halloween classics enthusiast then you’ve obviously come across Ghostbusters. It is an entertaining adventure game initially deployed in 2009, featuring the Ghostbusters media franchise story.

Is the Leak Far Away From the Real Treat?

Well, if you’re yet to play Fortnitemares 2020, you’ll probably stumble on Ecto-1 vehicle at Cape Cod. Ecto-1 vehicle is a popular vehicle in the Ghostbusters’ 80s movie. The vehicle is a sure gesture that Epic is strongly considering or has already considered Ghostbusters crossover. Players can now activate the car’s iconic horn sound by hitting it with a Pickaxe.

However, as we expect Ghostbusters to be part of the royal battle very soon, Epic is still unclear to what capacity. Could Ghostbusters come in and transform the whole of Cape Cod, or will it be temporary? Well, everyone is yet to see and confirm that in the near future. Let’s just expect the items to hit stores sooner than we can imagine.

How Will Fortnite Collaborate With Ghostbusters?

From the trending hashtags on social media, this still remains to be one of the closely guarded secrets by the developers. However, seasoned players and analysts haven’t stopped to speculate how the new battle paradise will look like. Most of their interpretations are consistent with the leaked information. For instance, since the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1 vehicle is already in place, with its iconic features, players assume the map may change too.

On other speculations, a Ghostbuster’s outfit for collecting foraged items is available for the players at season 4. Ghostbusters have varying achievement outfits that can accomplish various gathering missions. Therefore, this confirms the rumors that Fortnite players will get a new-skin treat shortly. However, no one is sure whether the skin will be available for purchase only, or one can get it through actively playing the game.

Why Did Fortnite Choose Ghostbusters?

Fortnite is already a show-stopper that mesmerizes millions of players across the globe. With Ghostbusters on board, the Halloween sensation and thrill of the crossover will be overwhelming and is expected to hit stores by storm. The launch and existence of Ghostbusters, first as a comedy movie in 1984 has been outstanding. It actually saw filmmakers do a soft remake of the same in 2020 and a sequel is cooking for 2021. Undeniably, Fortnite couldn’t find any reason to skip Ghostbusters’ collaboration, regardless of who approached the other one first.

The absolute leak and release are slotted for the Fortnite Halloween event. Every player should keep their eyes wide open and see what the Halloween treat entails. It will be fascinating to see whether there will be a new map and how the additional skin will fit into the crossover.