All Eyes on Four-Way Tie For First in the LEC

Four way tie for first place in the LEC? You read correctly! We break down last weeks action and how we got here.

After riding high after Week 1 SK Gaming and Team Vitality both took a tumble going 1-2 in Week 2. We head into the next weeks games with a four way tie for first place between SK Gaming, Team BDS, G2 Esports, and Team Vitality. With plenty of League of Legends left to be played anyone could end the split in first place. 

Current LEC Standings

SK Gaming fell to both Team Vitality and KOI last week. Both teams are having good splits so far so the losses aren’t too damning. They also were able to find a win over EXCEL on Monday. Look for them to bounce back next week against opponents like Team Heretics and MAD Lions. 

Team BDS have had two 2-1 weeks in a row to start the split. This past week they were able to find wins over Fnatic and Astralis though they ended the week losing to G2 Esports. They’re under dogs in two of their matches this week so if they’re capable of finding another 2-1 they’ll be should be pleased.

G2 Esports stumbled early last week losing to KOI. However they looked like the Winter Split Champions they are in their wins over Team Vitality and Team BDS. G2 Esports is definitely still a fan favorite to end the split in first and if they continue to stack wins as they have been they have a good chance of doing so. 

Team Vitality started their week off well beating SK Gaming, but things took a turn for the worse after they lost to Astralis and G2 Esports. Look for Team Vitality to try and end their losing streak in this upcoming week before their season becomes unsalvagable. 

  1. SK Gaming (4-2)

Team BDS (4-2)

G2 Esports (4-2)

Team Vitality (4-2)

5. Astralis (3-3)

KOI (3-3)

7. EXCEL (2-4)

MAD Lions (2-4)

Team Heretics (2-4)

Fnatic (2-4)

LEC Schedule and Betting Odds

My match of the week is Team Vitality vs Team BDS on Saturday. Seeing two of the teams tied for first play eachother right away is a treat for League of Legends fans around the world. With both teams looking to separate themselves from the pack early you can expect fireworks from this one. 

You can’t go wrong watching any of these matches and you won’t want to miss any of the LEC action. You can catch all the games on YouTube and on Twitch. So lock in your bets sit back and enjoy the games! 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, March 25th

Team Heretics (+114) vs Astralis (-147) – 1 PM

KOI (-222) vs EXCEL (+167) – 2 PM

Team Vitality (-233) vs Team BDS (+179) – 3 PM 

Fnatic (+200) vs MAD Lions (-263) – 4 PM

SK Gaming (+175) vs G2 Esports (-233) – 5 PM

Sunday, March 26th

Astralis (-149) vs EXCEL (+114) – 12 PM

SK Gaming (-114) vs MAD Lions (-112) – 1 PM

Team BDS (+110) vs KOI (-139) – 2 PM 

Team Vitality (-400) vs Team Heretics (+283) – 3 PM

Fnatic (+321) vs G2 Esports (-455) – 4 PM

Monday, March 27th

Team BDS (-185) vs EXCEL (+145) – 12 PM

SK Gaming (-217) vs Team Heretics (+167) – 1 PM

Fnatic (+116) vs Astralis (-149) – 2 PM

MAD Lions (+152) vs G2 Esports (-200) – 3 PM

Team Vitality (-179) vs KOI (+139) – 4 PM