Alliance Announce Academy CS:GO Team

Alliance Announce Academy CS:GO Team

A prominent European esports organization, Alliance, has announced an Academy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

A prominent European esports organization, Alliance, has announced an Academy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The team is a collaboration between Alliance and Boberg Esport and will be named Alliance. Boberg.

First Entry Into the World of CS:GO

Alliance has made its first step into the world of CS:GO esports scene this Monday, September 13, with the creation of an academy team. The squad will feature an all-Swedish roster of young talents from the region.

The project was made possible with a partnership between Alliance and Boberg Esports, who are in their sixth year in the esports scene. As announced by Alliance, Boberg’s vision is to create future esports stars who combine high work ethics and raw talent.

With the support of Alliance’s experience in the esports scene and the industry-leading organization, Boberg can now take one step closer to realizing its goals.

“Being an esports professional today is about so much more than what happens on the server,” said Jonas Oberg, Esports Manager at Boberg Esports

“Yes, it is hard training and a lot of work that is the fundamentals, but we must function as humans as well. Together with us, young people with an esports dream learn everything they need to know to become a better esport player along with other like-minded players with the same dream.”

By forming an academy CS:GO team, Alliance will appear in the CS:GO scene for the first time in its eight-year history. The Swedish esports organization first appeared in the scene in 2013 and has since fielded teams across seven esports titles.

That includes teams in Fortnite, Super Smash Bros., Hearthstone, TrackMania, and StarCraft II. However, Alliance is mainly known for its Dota 2 division, widely regarded as one of the best in Europe.

Besides their international success at Dota 2 Major tournaments, Alliance are also one of eight teams to win The International. The Swedish squad won the prestigious tournament in 2013, and have recently qualified for The International 10, where they’ll chase the title for the first time in eight years.

A Promising Project

Alliance’s academy project will feature some of the brightest Swedish CS:GO stars, who will continue to develop under the guidance of one of the most prominent esports organizations in the world. Alliance have a long tradition of developing future stars, which they will look to continue with their CS:GO squad.

“Together with Boberg, we would be able to support, explore and re-define youth development in modern esports,” said Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, Chief Strategy Officer at Alliance.

“This will be the first of many youth development programs we will be participating in, and we can be proud of continuing our tradition of support players development and also grassroots esports.”

As stated by Alliance, their focus will be on game, mental and physical training. In addition, Alliance will help their students learn about other parts of esports not implemented on a server.

Alliance Academy CS:GO Roster

  • Oliver “zilco” Hoglund
  • Timmy “Sn0w” Bruhn
  • Ruben “thorns” Thornberg
  • Mattias “mxttias” Linsbom
  • Filip “blixt” Hortlin

Alliance Academy have been confirmed to attend the Regionalserien Norr, Prime League Division 2, and several high school tournaments in Autumn.

Although Alliance’s CS:GO team features very young players, who likely won’t appear in the upper echelons of the competitive scene for a few more years. Regardless, seeing an established esports organization invest in younger talent is definitely a positive for the CS:GO ecosystem.

What’s more, Alliance are reportedly working on additional youth programs across other esports titles.

As it stands now, Alliance has yet to unveil more information about its future projects. However, it’s fair to speculate that it could include teams in LoL, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and other popular esports titles.