Amazing Returns To LoL Pro Play With MOUZ

Amazing Returns To LoL Pro Play With MOUZ

Veteran League of Legends jungler Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider has signed with MOUZ ahead of the 2022 Prime League Summer Split.

Veteran League of Legends jungler Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider has signed with MOUZ ahead of the 2022 Prime League Summer Split. With that, the 28-year-old will return to pro play for the first time since November 2019, when he played for 100 Thieves.

Amazing’s Final Dance

Amazing has confirmed his return to League of Legends pro play on Thursday, May 26, as he re-enters the Summoner’s Rift for the first time since November 2019. This time out, he will compete in the Prime League with MOUZ, the 14th team of his long career in esports.

Amazing started his League professional career way back in August 2012 with Absolute Legends.Alpha and has since played for Team Acer, peculiar gaming, against All authority, and Copenhagen Wolves, before moving to North America, where he has spent five months at TSM.

Following a short stint in NA, Amazing returned to Europe and joined Origen in December 2014, before leaving to play for Fnatic and Fnatic Academy until June 2017. His final journey in the LEC kicked off in May 2018, when Amazing joined Schalke 04, but moved to a strategic manager position at Schalke 04 Evolution in December 2018, also serving as an occasional substitute for the academy lineup.

Amazing’s last appearance as a pro player came in the Summer Split of 2019 when he was the starting jungler for 100 Thieves in the LoL Championship Series (LCS). But the team opted for a complete roster rebuild at the end of the season and cut ties with him.

The 28-year-old had since served as a coach and influencer for Misfits Gaming until October 2021, when he left the organization. He was since not seen in the professional LoL scene. But that’s going to change next week with the opening round of the 2022 Prime League Summer Split.

An Illustrious Career Continues

Amazing is one of the most well-known and experienced League players in the scene, having played at the highest level in Europe and North America. In his rookie season, he helped TSM win the LCS title and reach the LoL World Championship.

While he was a part of Origen, Amazing did not reach the same heights but came just one match away from leading the team to the LoL Worlds. Elsewhere, he has achieved middling success, as he did not win any titles with 100 Thieves or Schalke 04.

Nevertheless, Azaing is still one of the most recognizable names in the European League scene. Now, he will have a chance to relaunch his career in a Prime League, where he will lead MOUZ both as a starting jungler and a veteran figure who will help with the development of younger talent.

The Prime League, which is known as a developmental league for prospective League players, offers Amazing a perfect environment to put his skills to the test. Even though he is way past his prime, his presence as a highly experienced player will definitely help the squad of younger talent.

Notably, MOUZ finished fifth during the Prime League’s Spring Playoffs, failing to qualify for European Masters. Interestingly, MOUZ have since not made many roster changes, except for the signing of Amazing, who will take over for Linas “Lyncas” Nauncikas.

Amazing will now get to play alongside some of the most exciting prospects in the Prime League, including top laner Vladislav “BOSS” Fomin, mid laner Lev “Nomanz” Yakshin, ADC Ömer “Practice” Türgüt, and support Vladen “Saviour” Dvoretsky.

The german jungler will make his debut with MOUZ in 2022 Prime League Summer, which kicks off on Tuesday, May 31. The regular season will run until July 28, when the top six teams will advance into the playoffs.