Apex Legends DLive Finals: Tournament Preview

As previously explored, Apex Legends is indeed the new up and coming game of the esports scene, with viewing numbers through the roof and tournaments already in motion, this Battle Royale sensation is the one to watch right now. Despite the platform only being in its infancy and accessible to the public for less than a month, the first competitive championship of its kind was debuted with its live qualifying rounds on the 23rd February, courtesy of streaming service, DLive.

After 204 teams went head to head and battled it out, over the course of 2 hours, for the 10 finalist spots up for grabs, we soon enough had a shortlist of competitors that will proceed to the finale round that is due to commence on 2nd March at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT. Not the last we may see of some of the qualifying teams however, as those who were unfortunate to not make it to the deciding round via points accumulated, have the chance to be voted back as the most ‘popular’ teams according to spectators. A total of five teams have this opportunity yet only the top three will receive a respectful bonus prize which will see 1st place taking home $1,000 and 2nd and 3rd place rewarded slightly smaller amounts.

Typically expected from an esports tournament, the Apex Legends final holds an esteemed prize pot of $10,000 for the winning team, which is a very respectable sum for a beginning title. Divided fairly amongst all of the playing teams, below is a table of how exactly the prize pool is planned to be split.

Possibly more exciting, viewers also have the potential to win a portion of the reward as well as the players. By contributing whats known as ‘LINO points’, or virtual currency of the game, it is essentially a betting practise which means that fans will receive the equivalent portion of dollars compared to how many points they donate if their team wins.

In terms of watching the Apex Legends final, spectators can tune in to the livestream, with all timings mentioned above, but also keep up to date on all of the live findings via the DLive webpage. To add to the excitement, Counter-Strike fans will recognise the casting duo that is prepared to comment on all of the activity, Mr James Bardolph and Mr Daniel “idk” Kapadia, there to talk step-by-step action to all those eager listeners.

All in all, it is sure to be a day for all esports fans to remember!