Betting on Farming Simulator at Dreamhack Leipzig 2020

Bet365 have released their outrights for the live Farming Simulator League matches at the upcoming DreamHack Leipzig 2020 event. Dreamhack starts on the 24th of January and runs until the 26th.

There will be plenty of titles being competed under during the Dreamhack event, but Farming Simulator is without doubt the most exciting.

To confirm this story I took a drive up into North Yorkshire through the local farming communities; and what did I see? Nothing. No tractors in the fields, no seeds being sown and no cows being milked. The only explanation is that farmers are inside practicing for the upcoming Farming Simulator League matches at Dreamhack Leipzig, and with all this practicing we have no doubt it will be a great even.

Outright markets available

Aside from the most prominent Tournament Winner market, Bet365 are also offering the following outrights:

  • To Reach the Final
  • Betting Without Trelleborg
  • Trelleborg vs The Field

Even though John Deere (2.50) placed first in the last Farming Simulator cup, Trelleborg are the current favourites to win at 1.72. Outside of the 2 favourites, other teams are hitting odds beyond 15.00+ so there are plenty of underdogs to look for.

We spent some time looking through the market odds and tractor down the best bets for you guys. Although the Tournament Winner offers the best odds for teams, our safest bet is on John Deere under Betting Without Trelleborg at 1.40. We give that bet 9 farmers out of 10, so don’t be sheepish and throw down a small bet. Ok, I’m milk-ing the corn-y puns a little now.

How to follow the event

If you can’t attend the Dreamhack event in person, fear not as there are plenty of ways to keep up with the action. Make sure you follow the official Farming Simulator League Twitter account and also keep an eye on the Giants Software Twitch channel, who will be streaming the event live.