Blizzard Entertainment Promises a Free Online BlizzCon in February 2021

Were you worried about the failed BlizzCon convention earlier this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Well, Blizzard Entertainment just made public its plans to reschedule the event for online streaming in February 2021.

The live convention will run from 19th all through to 20th, making it the first online event of the series that dates back to 2005. Usually, Blizzard Entertainment hosts in-person fans in Novembers to celebrate and promote the company’s franchises.

Some of the top franchises that the company will be promoting in the upcoming event include Overwatch, which has since gained popularity across the globe. Blizzard will also be making significant announcements on World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft.

The news is confirmed by the company’s president, J. Allen Brack, who noted that he couldn’t imagine fans missing BlizzCon for the first time in fifteen years. Brack also pointed out that the staff at the traditional host studios in Anaheim had given up because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Blizzard’s President to Address Fans in a Video Letter

Since the charges are free, we should anticipate thousands of fans to join the live event. The previous conventions attracted tickets of up to $50 per person, or more just to gain entry. Fans can now save that ticket money and purchase cosmetic necessities in Blizzard games.

Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t released any concrete particulars regarding the events of the convention. However, the president assured the fans that he’d send an open video letter to address pertinent issues in the company’s growth.

Brack hinted that at least 90% of Blizzard’s employees are working from home, which translates to several updates from 2020’s hard work. For instance, the online gathering will expect to hear some news on Overwatch 2, whose launch is still pending.

Fans would also love to hear about the updates on the testing of Diablo Immortal, which should be as thrilling as World of Craft. The company managed to create up to 100 million characters for World of Craft, and fanatics aren’t expecting less than that in the latest games.

Blizzard will likely be addressing how it incorporates machine AI technology and machine learning to address toxic behavior in community forums.

Blizzard Entertainment Celebrates the 30th Anniversary

Blizzard kept fans entertained for the past 30 years without over-relying on one product or franchise. As a sign of appreciation, February’s virtual tickets for accessing panels and all esports events that will play at the convention is free.

Players should now expect stiff competition in the events as participation chances are open for anyone across the globe with “time” instead of money. However, if you look forward to taking your chances, you have until January 4, when the registration closes at the company’s website.

Will Blizzard Lose Money for Streaming a Free Convention?

BlizzCon convention consumes millions of dollars to run successfully, and that’s the reason for expensive tickets. However, with a purely online event, the event planning expenses will not run overboard.

The event is special, and the company wouldn’t mind throwing Valentine treat to its fans. Nevertheless, Blizzard is yet to give detailed information regarding the games that will feature in the convention’s panels.