Brazil’s CBLOL Prepares for Opening Weekend

The CBLOL is about to begin it’s second split. We look at the favorites to win the split.

It’s time once again for the Summer Split as the Brazilian League of Legends community prepares for what is sure to be an exciting season after the last split resulted in a three-way tie for first place going into playoffs. The 10 teams of the CBLOL are about to battle it out over the next 9 weeks, with the best 6 teams moving on to playoffs. Every game counts, so it’s imperative for teams to get off to a strong start. 

Odds to Win the 2023 CBLOL Summer Split 

  1. LOUD (+250)
  2. paiN Gaming (+350)
  3. Los Grandes (+400)
  4. Fluxo (+450)
  5. RED Kalunga (+650)
  6. Vivo Keyd Stars (+1000)
  7. INTZ (+1800)
  8. KaBuM! Esports (+2500)
  9. FURIA (+3300)
  10. Liberty (+4000)

LOUD Looking to Repeat

LOUD will be looking to defend their title as CBLOL Champions after having a fairly easy run through the playoffs last split. They ended the season part of the three-way tie for first and entered the playoffs as the second seed thanks to tiebreakers. 

The seeding resulted in them facing off against another team in the tie Los Grandes who LOUD was able to beat 3-1. They then played against paiN Gaming, the last team in the tie for first, who also stood no chance against LOUD losing in the Semifinals 3-1 before winning the losers bracket and losing in the finals to LOUD once again, this time 3-0. 

Though LOUD didn’t make it out of the Play-ins Group Stage at the Mid-Season Invitational, they were able to find a win over Japan and the LJL’s DetonatioN FocusMe in a dominant 2-0 fashion. Their losses came to the LEC’s G2 Esports and the PCS’ PSG Talon, both respected teams internationally. Fans can expect a strong split from this squad. 

Recovering From the paiN of the Last Split

paiN Gaming entered the playoffs as the top seed, last split off the back of a six-match win streak. They had a very successful regular season ending the year 12-6, and looked to be poised to take it all. Their first match in the playoffs against RED Kalunga was a breeze sweeping them in an easy 3-0 win. However, in the semifinals, they faced a roadblock in LOUD, who sent them to the Loser’s Bracket after a 3-1 defeat. There they were able to take down Los Grandes to get to the Finals, but LOUD was too good this time, sweeping paiN Gaming 3-0. 

Los Grandes Problema

Los Grandes had a solid split earlier this year until everything fell apart right at the end of the season. Los Grandes held the top spot in the standings from Week 3 until Week 8. They looked like the best Brazilian League of Legends team as they entered the final week as the top team with a two-game lead over the teams tied for 2nd. Unfortunately, they ended on a 2 game losing streak. Though they were able to find a win over FURIA in the loser bracket of playoffs, their postseason was ultimately a disappointment for a team that showed great potential through the regular season. 

CBLOL Summer Split Week 1 Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, June 10th

paiN Gaming vs LOUD – 12 PM

Liberty vs INTZ – 1 PM

KaBuM! Esports vs Los Grandes – 2 PM

FLUXO vs Vivo Keyd Stars – 3PM

RED Kalunga vs FURIA – 4 PM 

Sunday, June 11th

Vivo Keyd Stars vs KaBuM! Esports – 12 PM 


INTZ vs RED Kalunga – 2 PM

FURIA vs paiN Gaming – 3 PM

Los Grandes vs Liberty – 4 PM