Brazil's CBLOL Prepares for Week 3 of Split 2 2023

Brazil’s CBLOL Prepares for Week 3 of Split 2 2023

The CBLOL is back into domestic regular season play as Split 2 of 2023 is underway. After two weeks of play, the competitive parity of the league is well on display as there are no more teams with perfect records remaining and a four-way tie for 1st place in the standings.

Currently, 7/10 teams are sitting with a .500 or better record, a strong start to the race for the six playoff spots. You’re going to want to pay attention to Brazil’s blossoming League of Legends scene this split, as the drama is going to be at an all-time high.

Current CBLOL Split 2 Standings

  • paiN Gaming (3-1)
  • FURIA Esports (3-1)
  • INTZ (3-1)
  • RED Kalunga (3-1)
  • FLUXO (2-2)
  • Los Grandes (2-2)
  • Vivo Keyd Stars (2-2)
  • LOUD (1-3)
  • Liberty (1-3)
  • KaBuM! Esports (0-4)

Tie for 1st

Going into Week 3, paiN Gaming, FURIA Esports, INTZ, and RED Kalunga all sit at the top of the standings with near-perfect records of 3-1. We are going to get a better idea of where all of these teams are as they all open the week with matches against each other. This will be an excellent chance to gain some separation from each other in the standings.

paiN Gaming found a win in their opening game against LOUD. The next day they’d fall to FURIA Esports, who is also in the tie for first. paiN Gaming’s Week 2 campaign went even better, walking away with a 2-0 week record after wins over Los Grandes and Vivo Keyd Stars. They have one of the hardest schedules this week, opening against RED Kalunga before closing out against INTZ.

FURIA Esports opened their season with an immediate loss to RED Kalunga before bouncing back on the second day with a win over paiN Gaming, a result that holds much more meaning now that they’re in the tie for first.

Week 2 consisted of wins over Los Grandes and FLUXO for FURIA Esports. Their schedule for this week starts with an important game against INTZ before facing off with the winless KaBuM! eSports.
INTZ started their season with a win over Liberty before falling to RED Kalunga the following day.

This past week saw them take needed wins over the league’s weaker teams in Vivo Keyd Stars. With a step up in talent in opponents this week in FURIA Esports and paiN Gaming, it’ll be interesting to see where this team is in the rankings come the end of Week 3.

RED Kalunga started their season with an impressive 2-0 with wins over major opponents in FURIA Esports and INTZ. Last week they went 1-1 with a win over LOUD before surprisingly falling to FLUXO.
They can win against all the other teams in the tie if they can win their Week 3 opener against paiN Gaming. RED Kalunga hopes to be the team standing at the top of the Brazilian League of Legends scene by the end of this week.

CBLOL Split 2 Week 3 Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, June 24th

  • RED Kalunga (+110) vs. paiN Gaming (-141) – 12 PM
  • FURIA Esports (-185) vs. INTZ (+140) – 1 PM
  • FLUXO (-325) vs. Liberty (+230) – 2 PM
  • Los Grandes (+125) vs. Vivo Keyd Stars (-165) – 3 PM
  • LOUD (-750) vs. KaBuM! eSports (+435) – 4 PM

Sunday, June 25th

  • FLUXO vs. Los Grandes – 12 PM
  • KaBuM! eSports vs. FURIA Esports – 1 PM
  • Vivo Keyd Stars vs. LOUD – 2 PM
  • Liberty vs. RED Kalunga – 3 PM
  • INTZ vs. paiN Gaming – 4 PM