CDL Major 2 Competition Overview

CDL Major 2 Competition Overview

We’ve witnessed the beauty of the qualifying round, and as a result, we are looking forward to what is to come for this Major tournament.

Many teams and players want to show up for their fans and teams to bring the Major 2 trophy home. It will certainly not be easy, but the battle line is already drawn, and we are here to witness it.

Call of Duty CDL Major 2 is always an epic showdown that all fans and outsiders can enjoy and even place bets on. Undoubtedly, before you engage in betting on this event, you should take the time to follow expert picks and check out the current odds.

In that case, let’s look at some of the CDL Major 2 Competition Predictions.

Our Top 10 Placement Predictions and Their Odds

With the stage set and witnessing different matchups, many sportsbooks have set the odds an outright bet on who to win.

So, if you’re considering a chance on any of the teams, we’ve done our findings and ranked the teams based on what we believe should be how they rank at the end of the season.

Atlanta FaZe +150

FaZe remains the sportsbooks’ favorites, and we think with their current running, they are indeed the team to beat this season. Therefore, if we are going to back any team, Atlanta FaZe would be our best bet.

OpTic Texas +175

Following FaZe on our list is OpTic Texas, and they have shown resilience since the start of the season, although they are still currently behind Atlanta in the race to win the CDL Major 2 trophy.

London Royal Ravens +700

London Royal Ravens is a fantastic team to watch, and we believe the +700 odds are fair for the solid squad that has produced some incredible moments in the CDL competition.

Boston Breach +1000

The team from Boston is in the running to finish top five this season, but undoubtedly, they have a chance to win the trophy. They only need to remain solid, and they can win.

L.A. Guerrillas +1100

The L.A. Guerrillas is a fun team to watch, and throughout the season, it has been an exciting showdown for us. There is no way you watch this team that you don’t know they have some potential to finish higher in the rankings.

Toronto Ultra +1200

This team has shown much of their potential since the start. We saw how good they are during the qualifiers, but they’ve not indeed reached those heights. There is still time to turn things around, and we believe they are one to watch.

L.A. Thieves +2000

The L.A. Thieves have turned around their season. They started as one of the most disappointing teams in the competition. However, they are now in the top 10 and can go higher if they continue their impressive run.

Florida Mutineers +2500

Although we can agree that they’ve been consistent with their rollercoaster form, Florida Mutineers haven’t done much since the qualifiers.

Seattle Surge +2500

Seattle Surge is another team that has turned things around since the start of the competition. They were close to the bottom, but they now have the chance to move higher up.

Minnesota ROKKR +5000

Minnesota ROKKR is a lucky team to still make it to the top 10. They’ve been so far unimpressive, and they might even fall lower on the log.

Team to Watch, Dark Horse, and The Pressured One

Atlanta FaZe is the team to watch this season, and even though they struggled from the start, they’ve picked up the pace since. They are closer to winning the championship, and if they can maintain their good run of form, it is just a matter of time before they take home the Major 2 trophy.

Boston Breach remains a dark horse in this competition, and they’ve shown that they can challenge for the top spot. Even though they’ve been struggling against the top teams, the team can still make it to the top spot. Maybe not win the trophy, but do some damage along the way.

L.A. Thieves were under pressure to turn around their season at the start. But they’ve been able to do that and are now up in the rankings. Now, the pressure is on the Paris Legion to ensure that they can try to compete with the top competitors.

Player to Watch, Surprise of the Competition, and Player on the Hot Seat

Cellium of Atlanta FaZe remains our top watch for the season, and he is currently in the running in for the MVP this season. He’s carrying FaZe and might be the one to determine if Atlanta FaZe would win or lose the trophy.

The new boy in town, PaulEhx of New York Subliners, although Spart is the newest player this season, he is a sub. PaulEhx has been doing well, but he’s been unable to push his team further in the title charge.

Pressure has been on Octane to turn things around for L.A. Thieves, and fortunately, he has helped his team get out of the rut they were in at the start. However, his future remains uncertain as the team hasn’t gone up the ranks as much as they want.