Changes Coming to LPL Summer Split

League of Legends continues to be a game that is played at a high level in the world of esports, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. There have been a number of changes made throughout this esport, and that’s a trend that is going to continue throughout the rest of the year. 

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) has recently announced a change to the Summer Split, and it should create an even bigger event. The LPL is the Chinese section of this sport, and a new format is going to be used for one of the marquee events. 

There will now be four different stages for the LPL Summer Split, and things are going to start of with a group draw. Teams will then compete in two different group stages before a last-chance stage is played. 

Most of the action when it comes to these tournaments are a simple group stage followed by teams being placed in the bracket. Since the LPL continues to grow in popularity and intrigue, this is a change that will keep teams and fans more invested. 

Not only did the LPL announce some changes to the format, but there was also some information released about where the teams might compete. There are four seed pools that have been created for 17 teams, and that was done by looking at the results from the last split. 

Groups Will Be Even

It’s still going to be some time before the groups are officially announced, as that isn’t going to take place until June 24th. There will be four groups created based on selecting teams in order of seeds, and the home teams will be split up. 

This event will be played in four home stadiums and the teams that play in those locations are going to be split. Those teams include JD Gaming, LNG, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team WE, and that should help keep things even.

The LPL is also going to be introducing the Fearless Draft to the initial group stage as this was something that was used previously in the LDL. With this new format, teams are going to be able to choose one champion and that player will have to be used throughout the stage. 

By adding some additional group stages, it should lead to bigger rivalries as teams will end up meeting up more often. The top two teams will move to the top part of the group, while the bottom teams will have one final chance to qualify. 

Big Prizes Available

Pride is always on the line when there is a big event in the LPL, but there will be other prizes on the line as well. The winning team from the LPL Summer Split is going to earn a spot in the League of Legends World Championships, and that will feature teams from around the world. 

Massive cash prizes will also be available, and that is always something that esports teams are looking to win. Bilibili Gaming is the current champion of the LPL, and they are set to compete at the Mid-Season Invitational. 

This new format is going to extend the LPL Summer Split as well, and that is seen as a good thing for the fans. Teams are going to need to win more games to win the title, but that’s not the case for teams that win the group stage. 

Seven teams are going to qualify for the playoffs from the group stage, while the other 10 teams will have to compete in a mini-tournament to get the last spot. It will take some time to get used to this new format, but it’s one that should lead to excitement.