Checking In on the Mid-Season Invitational

League of Legends is currently the top esports game when it comes to having attention as the Mid-Season Invitational is taking place. This is a collection of the best League of Legends teams in the world, and a champion is going to be crowned soon. 

Teams from the Western Hemisphere have continued to come up short in this event, and that is a trend that has been seen in recent years as well. Several teams are now fighting for survival in the bottom part of the bracket, while there is a huge match coming in the winner’s round. 

Here is a look at some of the most recent action and what could be coming moving forward. 

T1 Takes Down Team Liquid

There always seem to be some legendary matchups at international LoL events, and that has been the case a ton in this event. In the lower part of the bracket, T1 Gaming was meeting Team Liquid in an elimination matchup. 

T1 was a big betting favorite heading into this matchup, and they made sure that they took control right away in this matchup. They are a former world champion, and they still have many of the same players from that roster. 

T1 got the action started with a pretty comfortable win in the first game, but Team Liquid bounced back right away in Game 2. Many were predicting a sweep, but winning one game might give fans of the Western teams some hope moving forward. 

It almost felt like the win from Team Liquid woke up the greatness of T1 Gaming as they came back and put on a show in the fourth and final game. This final game of the matchup was the most lopsided game in the entire tournament, and the champions proved their worth. 

With the win, T1 is now going to face another big rival as they are set to meet up with G2 Esports in the next round. This will be a matchup of two teams that had good odds to win the title when the action began. 

Huge Matchup Coming

While many have been focused on the action in the bottom part of the bracket, the real betting favorites are coming in the top half. There is a massive meeting coming up next as Gen.G will be taking on Bilibili Gaming. 

The winner of this battle will be the first to reach the MSI Finals, and that will give the team a chance to rest up and prepare. When the future odds first came out for this event, these were the two teams with the best odds. 

BLG has had some issues up to this point, but the have always been able to find another gear when that needed to be done. This is a team that plays an extremely aggressive style, and that will be their goal in this matchup. 

PSG Talon just pushed BLG to the brink in the semifinals in the top half of the bracket, but that might have woken them up a bit. There is a reason that this team is in this position, but they will now be facing their toughest test yet. 

Gen.G is representing Korea in this tournament, and they were hoping to get a win for their league. Top Esports was the most recent opponent for this team, and that game proved to be an extremely difficult matchup. 

There doesn’t appear to be a ton of separation between these teams, and it will all come down to the mid-lane players. The team that gets the best production at that position should advance to the finals.