Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses Take Losses in LCS Week 4

All the top teams are looking for opportunities to pass each other in the standings, and all missed their chances. We break down all the LCS drama from Week 4.

After only four weeks, the LCS has already delivered the dramatics that North American League of Legends fans have gotten used to over the years. Both of the teams tied for first; Evil Geniuses LG and Cloud9 stumbled in Week 4, unable to capitalize on each other’s mistakes.

In the week’s final game, it looked like Golden Guardians might be able to catch up to the tie for first place until falling to TSM. With two weeks of competition left in the regular season, any of the top teams have a shot at going into the Playoffs as the top seed.

Current LCS Summer Split Standings

  • Evil Geniuses LG (9-3)
  • Cloud9 (9-3)
  • Golden Guardians (8-4)
  • Team Liquid Honda (7-5)
  • Dignitas (6-6)
  • TSM (6-6)
  • 100 Thieves (5-7)
  • NRG (5-7)
  • FlyQuest (3-9)
  • Immortals Progressive (2-10)

Evil Geniuses LG and Cloud9 Battling for 1st

Evil Geniuses LG and Cloud9 have been battling it out all season for the top spot in the LCS standings. Neither team has been able to pull out in front of the other, and opportunities to do so have been few and far between. Unfortunately, Evil Geniuses LG could not take advantage of Cloud9’s loss in their opening game of Week 4.

Cloud9’s week started with a tough loss to Golden Guardians, who themselves are having a solid season. This opened the door for Evil Geniuses LG to take a game lead on Cloud9 taking first place outright without tiebreakers. Sadly for Evil Geniuses fans, they were unable to hold the advantage for too long as they would lose to one of the bottom teams in the league, NRG, two days later.

This sets up what may be the most crucial game of League of Legends in the LCS Summer Split next week as Evil Geniuses LG and Cloud 9 face off for the final time in the regular season. Cloud9 has the tiebreaker, beating Evil Geniuses LG back in Week 3.

Another win for Cloud9 will secure the all-important tiebreaker in the event that the two teams remain deadlocked come the conclusion of the Regular Season. You won’t want to miss when these two teams load onto the rift.

Golden Guardians’ Missed Opportunity

In an eerily similar fashion to Evil Geniuses LG, Golden Guardians failed to take advantage of the two teams tied for first, both suffering a loss. When Golden Guardians walked on stage for their final game of the week, they had an opportunity to insert themselves in the tie for first place.

All they had to do was find a win over a bottom-half team in TSM. TSM found the upset win and ruined any dreams of Golden Guardians to enter Week 5 in 1st place.

LCS Summer Split Week 5 Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, July 12th

  • TSM vs. Dignitas – 5 PM
  • Evil Geniuses LG vs. Golden Guardians – 6 PM
  • FlyQuest vs. NRG – 7 PM
  • Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid Honda – 8 PM
  • 100 Thieves vs. Immortals Progressive – 9 PM

Thursday, July 13th

  • NRG vs. Dignitas – 5 PM
  • FlyQuest vs. Evil Genuises LG – 6 PM
  • TSM vs. Team Liquid Honda – 7 PM
  • Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves – 8 PM
  • Immortals Progressive vs. Golden Guardians – 9 PM

Friday, July 14th

  • Team Liquid Honda vs. FlyQuest – 5 PM
  • 100 Thieves vs. TSM – 6 PM
  • Golden Guardians vs. NRG – 7 PM
  • Evil Geniuses LG vs. Cloud9 – 8 PM
  • Dignitas vs. Immortals Progressive – 9 PM