Cloud9 and Golden Guardians Battle for First

LCS is going into it’s final week of regular season summer split play. We break down the top teams competing for top seeds heading into playoffs.

Week 5 was another drama-packed week of League of Legends for the North American fans, as there was a shake-up at the top of the standings. Cloud9 and Golden Guardians both had decent weeks, both finding 2-1 records for the week. Evil Geniuses LG on the other hand, dive-bombed in the rankings after an embarrassing 0-3 week. They’ll need to turn things around in a big way for next week, which will be the final week of the regular season. 

Current LCS Summer Split Standings

  1. Cloud9 (11-4)
  2. Golden Guardians (10-5)
  3. Evil Geniuses LG (9-6)

Team Liquid Honda (9-6)

5. NRG (8-7)

TSM (8-7)

7. Dignitas (6-9)

100 Thieves (6-9)

9. Immortals Progressive (4-11)

FlyQuest (4-11)

The Fight for First

Cloud9 has been in contention for the top spot in the standings since the split began. Though they’ve dropped 4 games, they still find themselves in front of the rest of the league with an 11-4 record. Their final week consists of NRG, TSM, and FlyQuest in which they’ll have to face two dangerous teams that will threaten their position in the standings heading into the postseason.

Waiting in the wings, ready to take advantage of any misfortune that may come the leader’s way, is Golden Guardians, who have scrapped their way into 2nd place following Evil Geniuses LG’s fall from grace last week. This upcoming week if they can get past Team Liquid Honda in their first match, they’ll have a good chance at finishing the season with an undefeated week as they’ll close out their season against easier competition in 100 Thieves and Dignitas. 

Evil Geniuses LG’s Disappointment

Evil Geniuses LG is currently on a four-game losing streak that started with a loss against NRG at the end of Week 4. Up until that point, they were competing for first with Cloud9 for a majority of the season. The Friday of Week 5 brought that competition to a close as Cloud9 took down Evil Geniuses LG, sending them to a tie for 3rd place with Team Liquid Honda. Evil Geniuses still has a shot at 2nd if Golden Guardians are to slip. However, they’ll be more concerned with breaking their losing streak before playoffs.

Team Liquid Honda Sneaking Up on the Competition

Team Liquid Honda has been a sneakily competitive team. Never competing for the top spot yet never finding themselves at the bottom, this squad has stayed under the radar to some and could easily show signs of life come the postseason. The squad of Summit, Pyosik, APA, Yeon, and CoreJJ could easily surprise many League of Legends fans in the coming weeks as the competition will most definitely heat up in the LCS postseason. 

LCS Summer Split Week 6 Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, July 19th

Immortals Progressive vs. Evil Geniuses LG – 5 PM

Golden Guardians vs. Team Liquid Honda – 6 PM

FlyQuest vs. TSM – 7 PM

NRG vs. Cloud9 – 8 PM

Dignitas vs. 100 Thieves – 9 PM

Thursday, July 20th

FlyQuest vs. Immortals Progressive – 5 PM 

TSM vs. Cloud9 – 6 PM

100 Thieves vs. NRG – 7 PM

Evil Geniuses LG vs. Team Liquid Honda – 8 PM 

Golden Guardians vs. Dignitas – 9 PM

Friday, July 21st

Immortals Progressive vs. NRG – 5 PM 

Evil Geniuses LG vs. TSM – 6 PM

100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians – 7 PM

Team Liquid Honda vs. Dignitas – 8 PM

Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest- 9 PM