LCS Summer

Cloud9 Battles Past Golden Guardians in 1st Place Tiebreaker

The LCS Summer Split Regular season has come to an end, and we break down the tiebreaker at the top and FlyQuest's disappointing year.

The 2023 LCS Summer Split has been a dramatic one, to say the least. The Regular Season started with a delay due to the LCSPA Walk-out, and even once an understanding was found, the drama continued as the fight for the top of the standing was a never-ending race primarily fought by three squads Cloud9, Golden Guardians, and Evil Geniuses LG.

Ultimately as the dust settled after the regular season matches had been played, there were two ties. Dignitas and 100 Thieves were tied for 7th at 7-11, and Cloud9 and Golden Guardians were tied for 1st at 13-5, ultimately ending the season with two extra games of League of Legends.

2023 LCS Summer Split Standings

  1. Cloud9 (14-5)
  2. Golden Guardians (13-6)
  3. Evil Geniuses LG (12-6)
  4. Team Liquid Honda (10-8)
  5. NRG (9-9)
  6. TSM (8-10)
  7. Dignitas (8-11)
  8. 100 Thieves (7-12)
  9. FlyQuest (6-12)
  10. Immortals Progressive (5-13)

Cloud9 Takes Top Seed

Cloud9 should be extremely energized as they head into the LCS Playoffs as the top seed giving them automatic seeding into the Winner’s Bracket Semifinals. The 2023 competitive season has been a good one for Cloud9.

In Spring, they entered the postseason as the 2nd best team in North America before making a dominant run through playoffs to win the Spring Split. Though the Mid-Season Invitational didn’t go as well as they had hoped, they returned with confidence that they could repeat as North American champions.

The Summer Split saw a dominant Cloud9 team tear through nearly everyone who stood in their way. Despite their dominant run, they were in constant competition with Evil Geniuses LG and Golden Guardians, both of whom were jockeying for position and attempting to overthrow Cloud9.

Ultimately Cloud9 and Golden Guardians would both finish the season with 13 wins pitting them into a tiebreaker Friday Night. Though the early game was fairly even, and both teams were able to find favorable trades, Cloud9 was able to find and quickly snowball a lead that resulted in a rather one-sided win.

Though they would’ve gotten a bye in the first round regardless, the extra confidence gained from having the top seed will help the attitude of the Cloud9 offices as they prepare for the postseason.

FlyQuest Failures

One of the two teams that saw their season come to an end Friday was FlyQuest. Though their elimination from Worlds Contention may not surprise any League of Legends fans, the manner in which the shocking self-destruction of the team occurred is interesting, to say the least.

In the 2023 LCS Spring Split FlyQuest was the team to beat, leading the LCS in the standings from the jump. They entered the Spring Split Playoffs as the top team before having a disappointing run in the playoffs resulting in a 3rd place finish and missing a trip to MSI.

Despite the losses in both the Winner’s and Loser’s Brackets in the Spring Playoffs, many LCS fans had high hopes for this Flyquest squad in the Summer. Unfortunately, there was no sign of dominance from the year’s first half.

Instead, FlyQuest sat at the bottom of the standings for most of the split and found themselves watching the rest of the year from the comfort of their homes. This year has been one of tragedy for the FlyQuest faithful, and self-destruction League of Legends fans are sure to talk about for years to come.