Cloud9 Take Sole Possession of 2nd in VCT: Americas

The Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League standings saw a lot of movement thanks to the Super Week. We break down the action you may have missed and the top contenders for the league.

Cloud9 continues to make waves in the Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League as they extend their win streak to three in a row. With only four matches left in the season, each team is feeling the pressure of trying to finish in the Top 6 to qualify for the playoffs. With a three-way tie for 6th place currently, you can expect every team to be on top of their game.

Current Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League 

One team that is not too worried about the Playoffs race is LOUD, who currently sits at the top of the standings with a perfect 5-0 record. They’ve looked consistent and shown poise, often dropping a map in their wins. However, LOUD should be shooting for a 2-0 this week against KRU Esports, who is currently ranked last in the league and still unable to find a win this year. 

Cloud9 is coming off a successful Super Week taking down NRG 2-1 before taking down FURIA Esports 2-0 to claim sole possession of 2nd place in the standings. Their match against FURIA Esports was an absolute beatdown that put the whole league on notice. They won the first map, Ascent, 13-8, before having an equally dominant performance on Fracture in a 13-9 win. 

Leviatan found both success and disappointment in their Super Week performances. They started the week out strong, taking down MIBR in one of the most dominant matches in VCT history. They started with a 13-4 win on Pearl before sealing the deal with a 13-3 win on Icebox. They then had a very close match with 100 Thieves. They are hoping for another dominant win over Evil Geniuses this week.

100 Thieves had a good super week that saw them go 2-0. They started off with a 2-1 win over KRU Esports before finding another 2-1 win over Leviatan in a match that helped move 100 Thieves up in the standings significantly. Currently in Playoff position, it will be up to them to continue to build on the solid gameplay we saw from them last week. Their match this week is against NRG and should be a solid test for both teams.

FURIA Esports has had an up-and-down past couple of weeks. They had a solid start to their Super Week, taking down Evil Geniuses 2-1. They then had an absolute disaster against Cloud9. In a match that could’ve given them 2nd place, they instead got embarrassed in a lopsided 2-0. They need to bounce back in a big way against MIBR this week if they want to be viewed with any validity in the VCT: Americas League


  1. LOUD (5-0)
  2. Cloud9 (4-1)
  3. Leviatan (3-2)

100 Thieves (3-2)

FURIA Esports (3-2)

6. NRG (2-3)

Sentinels (2-3)

MIBR (2-3)

9. Evil Geniuses (1-4)

10. KRU Esports (0-5)

Valorant Champions Tour: Americas League Schedule

My match of the week is also the first of the week, NRG vs 100 Thieves. I’m excited to see 100 Thieves get back out there and see if they can perform like they did last week. If so, we may be seeing another contender rising to the top of the standings. 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, April 29th

NRG vs 100 Thieves – 3 PM

MIBR vs FURIA Esports – 6 PM

Sunday, April 30th

Cloud9 vs Sentinels – 3 PM

Leviatan Esports vs Evil Geniuses – 6 PM 

Monday, May 1st

LOUD vs KRU Esports – 3 PM