CoD League Major II Qualifiers Day 1 Results and Odds

The CoD League qualifiers for Major II are underway, and with two upsets in the first three matches, it looks like the road to Major II is going to be a fun one.

The road to the Call of Duty League’s Major II Tournament is underway. The competition started today with the first day of qualifiers in which the Toronto Ultra and the Boston Breach both had dominant 3-0 wins while the Vegas Legion was able to squeak out a 3-2 win. With multiple teams playing in the opening weekend, betting lines have had movement already. We’re going to break down the first day’s matches and give you some line updates. 

Toronto Ultra, 3 – London Royal Ravens, 0

The Toronto Ultra, who came in as sizable favorites, started the series off in dominant fashion, winning Hardpoint on Mercado Las Almas 250-166. The first map saw three of the four Ultra players with positive K/D ratios, while the Royal Ravens barely managed to get one. 

Refusing to go down without a fight, Asim had a legendary performance on the second map, which found the two teams playing Search and Destroy on Embassy. Asim would put the Royal Ravens on his back in an incredible 17/6 performance. However, the overall skill difference showed as the Ultra snatched a 6-4 win for the second map. 

The third map was dominated by Toronto’s Standy and Scrap, who each put up 30+ kills, while none of the London players were able to manage that feat in a 3-2 loss in Control on Breenbergh Hotel. Scrap had a great match having a positive K/D on all the maps.

Boston Breach, 3 – Minnesota Rokkr, 0

The 3-0 on the scoreboard cannot possibly convey how much of a whooping the Boston Breach gave Minnesota. Neither Methodz, Vivid, or Owakening had a negative K/D on any of the maps in the absolute steamrolling. Minnesota only had two positive K/D performances, something that will have to change if they want any shot at making a run at Major II. 

Boston won the first map in a 250-144 Hardpoint victory on Al Bagra Fortress, their second was a 6-3 Search and Destroy win on El Asilo, and they sealed it with a 3-0 Control win on Breenbergh Hotel. Boston used Minnesota to make a statement to the rest of the league that they expect to win at home come February.

Vegas Legion, 3 – Seattle Surge, 2

We knew when the first map ended in a crazy close 250-241 Hardpoint victory for Seattle that this would be a tight series. Vegas made a dominant resurgence on the second map winning a 6-2 Search and Destroy match on El Asilo before Seattle won the third map, Al Bagra Fortress, in a dominant 3-0 Control win. 

The fourth map was Hardpoint on Mercado Las Almas, and Hardpoint failed to disappoint once again. The map was competitive, but the Vegas Legion found themselves with a 250-216 win. Ultimately the Legion’s Search and Destroy play on Al Bagra Fortress secured them the match as they winning the map 6-3. 

Updated Odds for 1/14-1/15

After the Breach and Legion came in and won as underdogs, we’ve seen a little line movement over the past day. The odds dropped for Minnesota though oddsmakers still seem confident in the Rokkr. Toronto’s odds also dropped despite their impressive 3-0. The odds for the Call of Duty League currently are:

Florida Mutineers (-128) vs LA Guerrillas (-101)

Minnesota Røkkr (-189) vs London Royal Ravens (+143)

Atlanta FaZe (-286) vs Seattle Surge (+208)

LA Thieves (+103) vs New York Subliners (-133) 

Toronto Ultra (-333) vs Florida Mutineers (+238)

OpTic Texas (-149) vs Boston Breach (+115)

LA Guerrillas (+170) vs LA Thieves (-227)