CouRage joins 100T, announces new Podcasts

Announced on May 28, 100 Thieves has signed ex-Call of Duty caster now Fortnite personality Jack “CouRage” Dunlop to their team. CouRage will be joining the CEO of the organization, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and Rachel Marie “Valkyrae” Hofsetter on the content team.

CouRage has been teasing the announcement with several videos on Twitter. The latest has the caption: “The wait is over, 12 PM PST, Tomorrow.”

CouRage will also be joining the aforementioned content creators in the newly sponsored Cash App Content House LA. Nadeshot recently did a promotion for the company, where he gave away $149,000 USD.

It comes to no surprise that CouRage has joined the organization, as Twitch Celebrity Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins accidentally leaked the information on stream.

“NICKMERCS is a little bit bigger than CouRage,” Ninja said. “But CouRage recently signed with 100 Thieves, clearly, I don’t think Jack would do that if it wasn’t a great org with great contracts.”


What else?

Moreover, there will be two new video podcasts coming to 100 Thieves fans. Firstly, the signing of the content creator has led to a brand-new podcast called “The CouRage and Nadeshot show”. According to the announcement, the podcast will focus on the “creative side” of both content producers. This will premiere in June and is sponsored by Cash App.

Secondly, Nadeshot will have his own podcast called “Self-made”, which will cover the business aspect of being CEO. This will have guests including Hecz, iJustine, and more.