Dallas Empire Win CDL London

Dallas Empire Win Their Third Home Series at CDL London

Dallas Empire join the Florida Mutineers as the only teams to win three events this year after their flawless run through the Semis and Finals. They now sit second in the CDL Standings with 240 points. This guarantees them a winners bracket spot at the end of year championships.

Dallas Empire 3-1 Paris Legion

In the first match of the Home Series, Dallas Empire took on the Paris Legion. Dallas Empire started off their event in good form winning the first Hardpoint 250-73. Following this they dropped the Search and Destroy in a 6-3 defeat but came back in maps 3 and 4 to win the series 3-1. iLLeY put up a massive 1.47 overall K/D in this series, really stepping it up from his previous performances. This is a massive upgrade for Dallas as their slaying power has grown this week as we’ll talk more about at the end.

Dallas Empire 3-0 New York Subliners 

It was Gun Runner again and another win for Dallas Empire. 250-219 was the score as the Empire took a 1-0 lead in the series. Moving onto Search and Destroy, Dallas fixed yesterday’s woes and won 6-4, however this 1v3 from Shotzzy did help. In Domination Dallas won 155-130 to take the series 3-0. This time it was Clayster who topped the charts with his 1.21 overall K/D, however only one player went negative and that was Huke, by four kills. The speed of the Dallas Empire was unmatched this weekend, and even the Subliners couldn’t keep up.

Dallas Empire 3-0 Florida Mutineers (Semi-Final)

The Florida Mutineers had a rough weekend, and this just made it even worse. This series was more than Dominant, it was embarrassing for Florida. 250-164 Hardpoint, 6-1 SnD and 176-152 Domination saw the Mutineers swept out of the Semi-Final. Dallas clearly fixed their SnD problems from day one with their incredible 6-1 win. In this series every Dallas player achieved a positive overall K/D, with Huke and iLLeY topping the charts both with a 1.39. In the search, Crimsix went 5-1 and iLLeY went 9-1, these are incredible numbers and show that Dallas are the best team in the game right now.

Dallas Empire 3-0 Paris Legion (Final)

No, this isn’t a typo. Paris Legion actually made the final. Although their time in it was short-lived, at least they made it, right? Well, it was an absolute stomping from the Dallas Empire once more. The Hardpoint finished 250-145, the SnD was another 6-1 and the Domination wasn’t even close at 167-134. In the final Shotzzy took matters into his own hands, finishing with a 1.74 overall K/D and a 2.62 in Hardpoint. A 2.62 K/D is absolutely incredible, especially in a Grand Final. 

Dallas become the second team to win three events this year, but this Home Series was outstanding from the Empire. In three out of their four matches this weekend, everyone on the team finished with a positive overall K/D. Their slaying power was unmatched and iLLeY performed better than ever, especially with the sniper in SnD. We also had an incredible weekend with the tips, getting 9/10 correct and having flawless days on both Friday and Saturday!

The Call of Duty League returns this weekend for the final Home Series of the season hosted by the Toronto Ultra. The attending teams are: Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, Florida Mutineers, Minnesota Rokkr, OpTic Gaming, Seattle Surge and Toronto Ultra.