Daps Forms A New CS:GO Team

Daps Forms A New CS:GO Team

Canadian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in-game leader, Damian "daps" Steele, has announced the creation of a new North American team.

Canadian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in-game leader has announced the creation of a new North American team. Damian “daps” Steele, who will take charge of the new squad, unveiled the news on Friday, January 14.

A New Team Is Born

Daps unveiled the formation of a new North American CS:GO esports team on Friday. As revealed, the decision follows daps’ intentions to bring up a new generation of talent in the region, which the Canadian IGL will oversee as the captain of the team.

The new project currently operates under the name Orgless until negotiations with potential suitors conclude.

The team will be led by Hunter “Lucid” Tucker as the head coach and feature a few known names from the scene. Those include Gage “Infinite” Green and Michael “Swisher” Schmid, who were last seen playing for Party Astronauts and Bad News Bears, respectively.

Infinite, who was the star player of Party Astronauts, ended the year with an impressive 1.15 average rating. Meanwhile, his new teammate, Swisher, who stood out in Bad News Bears, ended the year with a 1.10 average rating.

While unknown at the highest level of play, both players have impressed many with their performances throughout 2021. Now they’ll have a chance to prove their worth in the big boy league.

Initial reports also linked former Complexity member William “RUSH” Wierzba with the new North American project. However, recent news unveiled that RUSH is nearing a move to Evil Geniuses.

Instead, the team is set to sign Brendan “Bwills” Williams as a replacement for RUSH. Bwills is mostly known for his time at Triumph, having also spent the last three months at Bad News Bears.

Up-And-Coming Talent Join

As the fifth member of the team, Orgless is reportedly looking to sign Marshall “⁠Minus⁠” Sedowicz. The 18-year-old last played for ATK and has appeared in three ESEA Premier seasons.

Although an inexperienced player, Minus has been averaging an excellent 1.20 rating over the last three months. And with the potential Minus has been showing, it didn’t take long before he drew the attention of daps, who picked him up for his new team.

The youngster even caught the attention of Team Liquid’s Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, who billed the 18-year-old as a future CS:GO esports star. Despite showing immense potential in the lower leagues, it remains to be seen how Minus will do against higher opponents.

A Start Of A New Journey

By forming his own CS:GO esports team, daps opened a new chapter of his long and illustrious career. Daps first appeared in the professional scene in 2012 and has since played for some of the most successful North American CS:GO teams, including NRG and OpTic.

In 2017, daps temporarily transitioned to a coaching tole at NRG and made the permanent move in June 2021, when he took over as the head coach of Evil Geniuses. Unfortunately, his short stint as EG head coach was met with middling success.

Evil Geniuses struggled with results throughout 2021, leading to a complete roster overhaul. The organization kept only two players and made changes elsewhere, including in the coaching role, where daps got replaced by G2 Esports’ former head coach Damien “maLeK” Marcel.

Following an unsuccessful six-month coaching tenure, daps will now return back to the battlefield as an IGL of his own team. Surrounded by young and promising talent, the 28-year-old hopes to bring up a new generation of talent and form a roster that can compete for the top spots in the region.

Daps’ new project will debut its new roster in ESEA Winter Cash Cup 2 on Saturday, January 15.