DPlus, GAM, BDS, and TL Facing Elimination at Worlds

Two rounds of the Swiss Stage have been completed at the League of Legends 2023 World Championship in the KBS Arena in Seoul, South Korea. The 3rd round brings the first two qualifying matches and elimination matches.

By the end of the weekend, we will know the first two teams to make it to the Knockout Stage Bracket and who will be the first two teams from the Swiss Stage to have to watch the rest of the tournament from home. The next few days are jam-packed with great matchups.

You can catch all the action live on Twitch and YouTube, and for Western audiences, there will be replays being broadcast during the day hours for the West so you can stay up to date with all the action.

Top Performers

JDG Intel Esports Club, LNG Esports, G2 Esports, and Gen.G Esports are the four undefeated teams in the Swiss Stage, sitting at 2-0. One more win will secure the Knockout Stage, and with that, their matches turn from best-of-ones to best-of-threes.

However, many fans are somewhat unexcited with the prospects of yet another meeting of the two LPL members of JDG Intel Esports Club and LNG Esports, and the other matchup of G2 Esports and Gen.G Esports seems lopsided in both the eyes of fans and oddsmakers who have Gen.G’s moneyline set at -550.

This will be G2’s chance to put the whole League of Legends community on notice if they can pull off the massive upset.

In Danger of Leaving

On the other side of the bracket, Team Liquid, GAM Esports, Dplus Kia, and Team BDS are all one loss away from their tournament lives ending. They will also play best-of-threes for the remainder of the Swiss Stage as they look to turn their tournaments around.

Both teams from Play-In qualifiers are in danger of leaving, and oddsmakers expect them too, as Team Liquid is a -425 favorite against GAM Esports while Dplus Kia sits at a whopping -1000 over Team BDS.

Of course, nothing makes Worlds more exciting than when crazy upsets occur, and for either GAM or BDS to win would be an all-time upset in the history of the sport.

The Teams Inbetween

NRG, MAD Lions, T1, Cloud9, kt Rolster, WeiboGaming, Bilibili Gaming, and Fnatic all find themselves sitting at 1-1 after two rounds of play. They will play one more round of best-of-ones before their tournaments turn into best-of-threes as well.

It is key to remember these teams are trying to secure three wins, so winning now would save a team the hassle of putting in extra work and preparation for an extra best-of-three.

Lots are on the line, and everyone knows anything can happen in a best-of-one. You won’t want to miss any of Sunday’s action.

Swiss Stage Round 3 Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, October 21st

  • JDG Intel Esports Club (-325) vs. LNG Esports (+235) – 3:15 AM
  • G2 Esports (+375) vs. Gen.G Esports (-550) – 6 AM

Sunday, October 22nd

  • T1 (-500) vs. Cloud9 (+325) – 3 AM
  • NRG (+110) vs. MAD Lions (-145) – 4 AM
  • Bilibili Gaming (-550) vs. Fnatic (+345) – 5 AM
  • kt Rolster (-135) vs. WeiboGaming (+103) – 6 AM

Monday, October 23rd

  • Team Liquid (-425) vs. GAM Esports (+305) – 3 AM
  • Dplus Kia (-1000) vs. Team BDS (+550) – 6 AM