Dplus Kia and T1 Last Undefeated LCK Teams

LCK action continues. Two teams remain unbeaten, and plenty remains competitive as the early weeks of the 2023 LCK continue.

With every team in the LCK having played at least three matches, the only remaining undefeated teams are Dplus Kia and T1. Luckily for League of Legends fans, we won’t have to wait long to see who the better team is as the two teams face off in the first match on Saturday.

Korea’s premiere professional League of Legends league is on nearly every day of the week and delivers some of the best domestic play in the world. Whether you enjoy learning strategies from the best teams in the world, enjoy betting on League of Legends, or just enjoy watching as a casual viewer, we will catch you up on what you may have missed while also providing odds and the next week’s schedule. 

LCK In Review

Even with a majority of teams having played three games at this point in time, we can already start to see the league start to separate in skill. Here are the current standings.


  1. Dplus Kia (3-0)
  2. T1 (3-0)
  3. Gen.G (2-1)
  4. Liiv SANDBOX (2-1)
  5. BRION (2-1)
  6. kt Rolster (2-2)
  7. Hanwha Life Esports (1-2)
  8. NongShim REDFORCE (1-3)
  9. Kwongdong Freecs (0-3)
  10. DRX (0-3)

Though there is starting to be some separation in the standings, remember there is plenty of League of Legends to be played, and the teams haven’t all played each other yet. DRX may look like one of the worst teams in the league, but they’ve had fairly tough opponents in their matches, losing to Gen.G, Dplus Kia, and NongShim REDFORCE. 

The two top teams, Dplus Kia and T1 will face off early Saturday morning as both teams hope to make an early statement to the rest of the league by defeating the only other team with an undefeated record. T1 has beaten Gen.G, kt Rolster, and Kwongdong Freecs so far this year, while Dplus Kia comes in off of wins against DRX, Liiv SANDBOX, and  NongShim REDFORCE. Fans are guaranteed a great match as both teams seem to be evenly matched. 

Gen.G, Liiv SANDBOX, BRION, and kt Rolster are all teams to watch as the season unfolds as they’ve all managed to find two match wins already this year. This cluster in the standings shows plenty of potential in this early part of the season. Whether it was just drawing a hard opponent too early in the season or still trying to find the team synergy, none of these teams seem to be in a bad spot, and I’m sure we will see a couple of these teams make international appearances later on in the year. 

The upcoming week will have a few must-watch matches for any competitive League of Legends fans. The first, of course, is the battle of the unbeaten, with T1 taking on Dplus Kia on the 28th. While the team to watch this week for me is Gen.G as they have two incredibly tough matches that could help cement their place at the top of the standings against Dplus Kia and Liiv SANDBOX. 

Schedule and Betting Odds for January 28 – February 3rd.

Not matches have odds at the time of writing this article. All times are listed in ET.

Jan 28

T1 (-140) vs Dplus Kia (+116) 1:00 AM

Liiv SANDBOX (-133) vs BRION (+110) 3:30 AM

Jan 29

Hanwha Life Esports (+115) vs Gen.G (-150) 1:00 AM

Kwangdong Freecs (+215) vs DRX (-304) 3:30 AM

Feb 1

NongShim REDFORCE vs Liiv SANDBOX 3:00 AM

Gen.G vs Dplus Kia 5:30 AM

Feb 2

BRION vs DRX 3:00 AM

T1 vs Hanwha Life Esports 5:30 AM

Feb 3

Kwangdong Freecs vs kt Rolster 3:00 AMLiiv SANDBOX vs Gen.G 5:30 AM