DreamHack Open Summer 2020 Preview

Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are finally back! Following the summer break the best teams from NA and EU will battle it out at the DreamHack Open Summer. Here we’ll go through the format, the attending teams and the best outright picks.


DreamHack Open Summer will start on the 8th of August and run until the 16th. 8 teams from each region will fight for their share of $90,000. The teams are split into two double-elimination groups, with the opening matches played in a best of 1 format. Following the opening matches, all matches will then be a best of 3. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoff stages. The playoff stage is a single-elimination bracket so if you lose one game you’re out!

EU Teams & Outright Odds

NA Teams & Outright Odds

EU Prediction

With the EU side of DreamHack Open Summer, there are only two or three teams which could win it. While groups haven’t been released yet, BIG and Complexity are the clear favourites to win. BIG are the #1 team in the world according to HLTV rankings, and are therefore the favourites to win the event. At 3.60 odds, it’s definitely worth a go.

NA Prediction

When it comes to NA it’s slightly harder to predict. Again, groups haven’t been released but I’m favouring Evil Geniuses to win the event. At 4.60 to win, they aren’t favourites but have only lost 1 game in their last 10. While the player break may slow them down, theyre on good form and if they can keep that up they can definitely win DreamHack Open Summer NA.

DreamHack Open Summer 2020 begins on August 8th and will be streamed on their official Twitch channel.