DRX and LOUD Survive VCT LOCK//IN Group Alpha

VCT LOCK//IN is halfway done and there’s been plenty of excitement. We break down the first group and look at the first round of the Omega Group.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 LOCK//IN event has been underway for a little over a week, with Group Alpha wrapping up their group play as DRX from Korea and the Brazilain hometown heroes LOUD qualifying for the next stage of the event, where they’ll meet each other in the Semifinals. 

The competitive Valorant world now turns its attention to the second half of the competitors as we see who from Group Omega will qualify for the final stage of the tournament. Will an EMEA team find its way out of groups, or will we see continued dominance from the Americas? Only time can tell. The only thing certain is there will be plenty of high-level Valorant action for all to enjoy. 

Group Alpha’s Competitive End

Group Alpha’s two remaining teams, LOUD and DRX, had two very different paths to make it to the Semifinals. With many close and competitive games in the first, fans are hoping that Group Omega is able to deliver the same drama we saw in the first week. 

LOUD excelled early in the tournament, winning their first series 2-0 in a match that saw competitive games on both maps against Gen.G Esports. LOUD then won another 2-0 match against Karmine Corp, where LOUD looked much more dominant. LOUD’s toughest test was their last match against NRG, where they narrowly escaped with a 2-1 win with the last two maps going into overtime. LOUD’s last map against NRG lasted eight extra rounds showing the hometown team’s resilience.

Of course, we know that DRX has plenty of resilience themselves. All their matches in their bracket run have been 2-1 wins, with them falling behind 1-0 in their last two matches. In their first match against BBL, DRX looked strong on all three maps despite dropping the second. 

DRX’s series against Cloud9 started with a horrible 3-13 showing on Pearl. Most of the Valorant world counted them out before DRX dominated the last two maps winning 13-7 on Haven and then 13-2 on Icebox. DRX then went on to battle with Talon Esports to a 2-1 win after dropping the first map 13-10.

Expect plenty of fireworks from this semifinal match on Thursday, March 2. This will be the first best-of-5 series in the tournament, and no one should be surprised if we see this one go the distance. 

Schedule and Betting Odds

Looking forward to Group Omega; you can expect some great matches from this first round of games. The first match I’m looking forward to is ZETA DIVISION vs Leviatan. I’m excited to see Japan’s ZETA DIVISION on the international stage. I think this team could surprise a lot of fans by at least keeping it close with Leviatan. 

Both Sentinels vs Fnatic and T1 vs FURIA on Friday also on paper appear to be really compelling matchups, and oddsmakers seem to agree. There’s always a ton of interest in Sentinels and seeing them face off against a team like Fnatic will see many questions answered. No matter what you won’t want to miss these amazing games of Valorant on Friday. 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, Feb. 22

Team Liquid (-1000) vs Team Secret (+550) – 12 PM

Natus Vincere (-900) vs KRU Esports (+450) – 3 PM

ZETA DIVISION (+200) vs Leviatan (-275) – 6 PM

Thursday, Feb. 23

Vitality (-550) vs Global Esports (+350) – 12 PM

Futbolist (-275) vs Rex Regum Qeon (+200) – 3 PM

100 Thieves (-500) vs Edward Gaming (+325) – 6 PM 

Friday, Feb. 24

Sentinels (+100) vs Fnatic (-135) – 12 PM

T1 (-135) vs FURIA (+105) – 3 PM