1st in the VCT

DRX Moves Into 1st in the VCT: Pacific League

Currently, DRX are 1st in the VCT: Pacific League. Read on for all you need to know about Week 4 of the VCT.

Week 4 of the Valorant Champions Tour: Pacific League saw the two top teams in the league Gen.G Esports take on DRX in a match that would decide who would be the last remaining undefeated team in the league and take sole possession of 1st in the VCT standings.

For the first time this season, DRX was taken to all three maps but was still able to win the match, making them 1st in the VCT: Pacific League. With four teams with their eyes on 2nd place, Gen.G Esports will have to bounce back if they want to protect their spot in the standings.

Current Valorant Champions Tour: Pacific League Standings

Prior to last week, DRX had yet to lose a single map while they terrorized the Valorant Champions Tour: Pacific League. Their match against Gen.G Esports last week showed how much better DRX is compared to the rest of the league, as they took down their toughest competition with relative ease. The only map they lost went to overtime, showing that DRX is the real deal and deserving of their place as 1st in the VCT: Pacific League. Teams will have to elevate their play if they’re going to want to compete with them.

Though falling to DRX, Gen.G Esports should feel proud of the performance that they put on against one of the strongest teams not just in the region but the world. Though they’d love to forget the 4-13 stomping that occurred on Pearl in the deciding game, they’ll be able to learn and move forward from the loss of a better team. With an easier opponent in Global Esports this week, you can expect Gen.G to come out guns blazing.

Paper Rex had a slow start in their match against Global Esports last week, dropping the first map 13-7 on Icebox. That loss was a wake-up call to the squad, who turned around and dominated the last two maps, Split and Pearl, 13-6 and 13-7, respectively. They have a forgiving next couple of opponents before the Super Week that closes out the regular season. Expect them to come out strong against Talon Esports this week.

T1 took down Rex Regum Qeon 2-0 last week, looking dominant in both their games, especially the second, which saw them take Fracture 13-4. T1 has the opportunity to get themselves a winning streak started this week as they take on the bottom team in the league DetonatioN FocusMe who has only won a single map all season.

Team Secret and ZETA Division are the two teams in the four-way tie that currently are the weaker ones. They both have odd losses on the records as ZETA DIVISION gave Talon Esports their first win of the season in an embarrassing 0-2, while Team Secret’s 0-2 loss to Rex Regum Qeon left some scratching their heads. Both need to step it up in the following weeks if they want to contend for a top seed in playoffs.


  1. DRX (5-0)
  2. Gen.G Esports (4-1)
  3. Paper Rex (3-2)
  4. T1 (3-2)
  5. Team Secret (3-2)
  6. ZETA DIVISION (3-2)
  7. Rex Regum Qeon (2-3)
  8. Global Esports (1-4)
  9. Talon Esports (1-4)
  10. DetonatioN FocusMe (0-5)

Valorant Champions Tour: Pacific League Schedule and Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, April 29th

  • T1 (-900) vs DetonatioN FocusMe (+475) – 4 AM
  • ZETA DIVISION (+105) vs Team Secret (-135) – 7 AM

Sunday, April 30th

  • Global Esports (+320) vs Gen.G Esports (-485) – 4 AM
  • Rex Regum Qeon (+700) vs DRX (-1600) – 7 AM

Monday, May 1st

  • Talon Esports (+265) vs Paper Rex (-385) – 6 AM