Echo Fox Announces Apex Legends team

North American esports organization Echo Fox have announced their introduction to the Apex Legends competitive scene on May 24. The Echo Fox Apex Legends team currently consists of Stormen, Clem, and, ziki.

Popular YouTuber Stormen leads the roster, he is a Battle Royale streamer and YouTuber, with over over 145,000+ YouTube subscribers currently on the streaming service. On Echo Fox, he is paired with Clem and Ziki, who both have routes in Battle Royale games such as H1Z1. Both Clem and Ziki are also streamers and will no doubt bring popular content to the organisations platform.

These three are new to the Apex Legends esport professionally, but have each performed well in other BR esports. Ziki, Stormen, and, Clem have played Battle Royales professionally; Ziki and Stormen were both under Rogue in H1Z1:Battle Royale for the Pro League, while Clem has played under Vitality in the same title.


Continuing in popularity among esports organizations, Echo Fox joins the likes of NRG, 100 Thieves, Cloud 9, Rogue, T1, TSM, Team Liquid and, many more that currently have teams residing in the esport. You can read more about their entries into the Apex Legends esports scene in our recent post.

This team will be competing as a trio in the upcoming Apex Legends tournaments and will attempt to prove themselves as one of the best in the game. We’re excited to see how they perform at upcoming tournaments!