ECS Season 8 finals to take place at Esports Stadium Arlington

FACEIT has announced that the Season 8 finals of the Esports Championship Series (ECS) will be returning to the Esports Stadium Arlington.

From November 28th to December 1st the world’s best eight CS:GO teams will go head-to-head to compete for the title of ECS Season 8 champions. The ECS Season 8 final marks the end to the second season of the new and improved ECS format, developed alongside the players and teams.

As a change from Season 7, the first two teams to qualify for the ECS Season 8 finals will be those who have earned the most prize money for each region in the first two weeks of the regular season. The final six slots will be filled by the winner of each remaining weeks’ competition in the last three regular season brackets. Each winner will head straight to the ECS Season 8 Finals.

“We’re extremely excited to be returning to the Esports Stadium Arlington again for the ECS Finals. The Season 6 Finals were a huge success and this year we want to give our North American fans a flawless competition,” said, Michele Attisani, CBO & Co-Founder of FACEIT. “The venue is in an awesome location, it’s on the doorstep of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers creating a natural buzz of iconic competition and fan-focused atmosphere.”

FACEIT has partnered social broadcasting platform Caffeine on exclusive content throughout ECS, including the return of ‘ECS After Dark‘. The Season 8 Finals will also see the return of the ECS Community Caster Challenge, inviting up and coming commentators to stream their commentary on recent Pinnacle Cup matches. The best rising stars from EU and NA will then win an invite to the Season 8 finals.