Edward Gaming Hycan Growing Their Lead in LPL

Edward Gaming Hycan is taking all the momentum into the last week of LPL play before the Spring Playoffs.

The Chinese League of Legends scene is heating up as teams prepare for the last week before playoffs. With only the top ten teams in the standings qualifying for playoffs, every team in the LPL is battling for end-of-year positioning. In the past couple of weeks, Edward Gaming Hycan took possession of 1st place and has quickly grown their lead. 

Current LPL Standings

Edward Gaming Hycan has absolutely turned it on the back half of the split as they grow their win streak to seven in a row. After taking the lead from LNG Esports, Edward Gaming Hycan has not looked back. Last week saw them get wins over Anyone’s Legend and Oh My God as they extended their lead. Just a couple more easy wins are needed over FunPlus Phoenix and Thunder Talk Gaming to secure the top seed going into playoffs. 

LNG Esports spent a good amount of time at the top of the league, battling for a majority of the split with JDG Intel Esports Club for the top seed. Now they will be battling for second, most likely, as it will take nothing short of a miracle for LNG Esports to end the season in first. They’re scheduled to play Invictus Gaming, Ultra Prime, and LGD Gaming in what could be crucial games when it comes to playoff seeding.

JDG Intel Esports Club got off to a fast start to the split but has fallen off since then. Still, JDG Intel Esports Club remains one of the top teams in the league and could easily find themselves in a top two seed if they can handle their business against LGD Gaming, Rare Atom, and Ultra Prime.

  1. Edward Gaming Hycan (12-2)
  2. LNG Esports (10-3)

JDG Intel Esports Club (10-3)

4. Weibo Gaming (8-5)

Bilibili Gaming (8-5)

Top Esports (8-5)

7. Thunder Talk Gaming (8-6)

Oh My God (8-6)

9. Team WE (7-7)

Royal Never Give Up (7-7)

Invictus Gaming (7-7)

12. Rare Atom (5-8)

13. LGD Gaming (5-9)

14. Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (4-9)

15. Ultra Prime (3-11)

FunPlus Phoenix (3-11)

17. Anyone’s Legend (3-12)

LPL Schedule and Betting Odds

My match of the week is Top Esports taking on Bilibili gaming on Saturday. Both of these teams would like to separate themselves from the pack that has congregated in fourth place. With time running out in the season, this game could go a long way for either team when it comes to playoff seeding. But with everything down to the wire, you won’t want to miss any of the League of Legends action. 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, March 18

Weibo Gaming (-769) vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (+498) – 3 AM

Rare Atom (+832) vs JDG Intel Esports Club (-1667) – 5 AM

Top Esports (-175) vs Bilibili Gaming (+137) – 7 AM

Sunday, March 19

LNG Esports (-556) vs Invictus Gaming (+373) – 5 AM

FunPlus Phoenix (+697) vs Edward Gaming Hycan (-1250) – 7 AM

Monday, March 20

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (+280) vs Royal Never Give Up (-370) – 5 AM

JDG Intel Esports Club (-1429) vs LGD Gaming (+761) – 7 AM

Tuesday, March 21

Team WE (+231) vs Weibo Gaming (-303) – 5 AM 

Oh My God (+154) vs Top Esports (-200) – 7 AM

Wednesday, March 22

LNG Esports (-1250) vs Ultra Prime (+718) – 5 AM

Invictus Gaming (+183) vs Biliblili Gaming (-238) – 7 AM

Thursday, March 23

RNG vs Rare Atom – 5 AM

Top Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix – 7 AM

Friday, March 24

LNG Esports vs LGD Gaming – 5 AM

Thunder Talk Gaming vs Edward Gaming Hycan – 7 AM