Edward Gaming Hycan Take the Top Spot in LPL 

Edward Gaming Hycan has soared to the top of the LPL. With time running out before playoffs who still has a shot at going in as the #1 seed?

With time ticking until the LPL playoffs, Edward Gaming Hycan shot into first place after taking down LGD Gaming yesterday, putting them at 10-2 on the season so far. Edward Gaming Hycan continued playing top-tier League of Legends this past week, going 3-0 since last Saturday. With two more weeks left before the playoffs and plenty of League of Legends left to play, only time will tell if Edward Gaming will be able to hold onto the top spot. 

Current LPL Standings

Edward Gaming Hycan has turned it on late in the season to surge to the front of the pack off of a five-game win streak which they’ll look to extend this week. The win streak includes a dominant 2-0 over the then-top-ranked LNG Esports. They should be able to take care of Anyone’s Legend on Sunday, but their match on Friday against Oh My God will be one that fans worldwide are definitely going to want to tune in for. 

LNG Esports currently sit in second after getting dominated in a 2-0 loss to Edward Gaming Hycan. Their response has been strong, being able to take down Top Esports 2-0, but they’ll have to play perfectly for the remainder of the season if they want a chance at going into playoffs as the top seed. 

JDG Intel Esports Club continues to slip in the standings after taking yet another loss, this time to Oh My God. After getting to a strong start JDG is struggling in the back end of the season. Look for them to be highly motivated this week, as their match against LNG Esports may be their last shot at being in the conversation for the top of the standings. 

  1. Edward Gaming Hycan (10-2)
  2. LNG Esports (9-2)
  3. JDG Intel Esports Club (9-3)
  4. Top Esports (8-3)
  5. Oh My God (8-4)
  6. Weibo Gaming (7-4)
  7. Thunder Talk Gaming (7-5)

Invictus Gaming (7-5)

Bilibili Gaming (7-5)

10. Team WE (5-7)

Royal Never Give Up (5-7)

12. Rare Atom (4-7)

13. LGD Gaming (4-8)

14. Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (3-9)

16. FunPlus Phoenix (2-10)

Anyone’s Legend (2-10)

LPL Schedule and Betting Odds for 3/11-3/17

My match of the week is LNG Esports vs JDG Intel Esports Club. These two teams were once seen as the front runners for the top seed in playoffs. Now both of them have to battle to even stay in the race. Expect these teams to deliver one of the best matches of League of Legends this year. All times listed are in Eastern time.

Saturday, March 11

Invictus Gaming (-217) vs Team WE (+168) – 2 AM

LGD Gaming (+663)  vs Top Esports (-1250) – 4 AM

Weibo Gaming (-278) vs Royal Never Give Up (+210) – 6 AM

Sunday, March 12

Anyone’s Legend (+832) vs Edward Gaming Hycan (-1667) – 2 AM

FunPlus Phoenix (+141) vs Rare Atom (-182) – 5 AM

LNG Esports (+183) vs JDG Intel Esports Club (-238) – 7 AM

Monday, March 13

Bilibili Gaming (-167) vs Thunder Talk Gaming (+131) – 5 AM

Weibo Gaming (-233) vs Oh My God (+179) – 7 AM

Tuesday, March 14

Rare Atom (-200) vs Ultra Prime (+156) – 5 AM

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (+213) vs Invictus Gaming (-278) – 7 AM 

Wednesday, March 15

Thunder Talk Gaming (+279) vs Top Esports (-370) – 5 AM

LNG Esports (-1111) vs Anyone’s Legend (+612) – 7 AM

Thursday, March 16

Team WE (-169) vs LGD Gaming (+133) – 5 AM

Royal Never Give Up (-588) vs Ultra Prime (+401) – 7 AM 

Friday, March 17

FunPlus Phoenix vs Anyone’s Legend – 5 AM

Oh My God vs Edward Gaming Hycan – 4 PM