EFFECT retires from Overwatch League due to mental health concerns

Hyeon “EFFECT” Hwang, the player best known for representing Team Envy’s Overwatch League franchise Dallas Fuel, has announced his retirement from competitive play.

Posting on Facebook, EFFECT has explained that his mental health is the reasoning behind his retirement.

EFFECT retires from Overwatch League
Credit: Blizzard

Translated into English, the announcement begins with an alarming statement: “I have a feeling of suicidal thoughts.”

EFFECT made an impact in the Overwatch League in a number of ways, from his effortless DPS plays to being the second openly-LGBT player in the entire competition. He predominantly made a name for himself through his high level of player on a number of heroes, from Tracer to McCree to Widowmaker.

EFFECT left the United States in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League to return to South Korea, his home nation, due to his mental health. It wasn’t until the start on Season 2 until he returned, playing a number of games in the first stage.

“When I played the game, I was not able to concentrate on the situation at the moment, so I could not think of anything else,” the post reads. “I was satisfied with achieving a high rating in the game. I also played music. I was so excited when I played a beautiful melody, a bit of soaring joy. And I was happy when I told someone what I had prepared. Because at that time I was the main character.”

“I think I need a treatment,” EFFECT added. “I think I need a consult with a doctor. I think I need to stop this negative idea of getting bigger. If you can’t stop this, this emotion is getting more and more like a mountain, and you’re gonna get me covered. I feel so bad that I can’t do anything because I’m too bad and I’m going to make a terrible decision.”

We wish EFFECT, and others suffering from issues with mental health issues as a whole, all the best moving forward.