Epic Games Plans to Release the Walking Dead Theme Skins Soon

Fortnite featuring the Walking Dead personalities Daryl Dixon as well as Michonne as skins will be available from next week on December 16. This is not the only reward Fortnite players are getting this month. Last week, Epic Games put another skin, Kratos, in the fifth season of Fortnite. The rumor about the release first came through an official Twitter account for PlayStation, showing Jonesy’s audio file unfolding about Kratos. This later became true when Epic released the skin alongside other cosmetics, exclusively for players who are using PlayStation 5.

At an event, the Game Awards, on Thursday night, Epic Games also announced another skin, Master Chief from the Halo series. However, players were already using the skin, as it was previously offered on Fortnite Item Shop before Donald Mustard, the Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games, announced about it.

This was not the only thing Epic Games borrowed from the Halo series. Instead, they also have other Halo cosmetics. Some of these cosmetics will enable players to experiment with the Blood Gulch Halo chart starting December 11, 2020, after activating the Capture the Flag mode.

Ideally, the new Master Chief will be coming with a warthog car plus a glider placed on the Pelican airship. This is as seen during a special trailer during the event that teased its enthusiast of what is about to come. You can watch the trailer or surprise yourself by playing Fortnite season 5 to discover this and other skins.

Yet, that wasn’t the highlight of the event. The highlight of the game awards event came when an official announced that Daryl Dixon, alongside Michonne, would be joining Fortnite chapter 2 season 5.

Who Are Daryl Dixon and Michonne?

Have you watched the much-hyped Walking Dead series? If you have, then you’re familiar with Daryl and Michonne. If, however you haven’t, you shouldn’t worry about it. You can watch a short trailer already circulating on the internet, originally played on air during The Game Awards 2020. Here is what you’ll find. Michonne and Daryl Dixon will be battling zombies, similar to what they did in the ten seasons of Walking Dead film. Jonesy will teleport to the hero’s location, take them and transfer them to the Fortnite plot.

Referencing the cinematic trailer, Donald Mustard said that Agent Jonesy was just starting and that players should expect several other film characters been transferred to Fortnite season 5 as characters. Plus, these Walking Dead characters will be available for purchase by all device users from December 16.