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Epic Games releases info on Fortnite World Cup

Already in the pipeline, the Fortnite World Cup, hosted by video game development company Epic Games, has now announced further developments and excited fans with the total prize pool now quoted to be an ‘epic’ 30 million dollars (the equivalent to 23 million English pounds). With the tournament due to commence in The Big Apple across the 26-28th July, it so far consists of 100 solo players and 50 duo teams joining the mix and competing within the event, all of which are rumoured to take home a minimum total of $50,000 each.

Originally announced in early June 2018 during its E3 showdown ‘ProAm event‘, the news of the following Fortnite World Cup series was released by Epic Games as well as the promise of over $100 million to be issued and shared across the board as complete team winnings.

When quizzed about this exciting new announcement, Epic Games also gave insight into exactly how the prize pot was planned to be split, as well as the information that there are to be 10 weekly online qualifiers for the World Cup and these players will battle for the $1,000,000 awaiting each time; due to commence the week of 13th April.

Even though this prize pool seems to be a staggering amount of money, it is not actually the biggest pot to date with a previous win of a little over $11,00,000 ($2,000,000 per player) taken home by Dota 2’s Team OG from the “International 8” tournament; a portion of the total winning prize fund of over $25,000,000. This may be the largest esports win to date, yet rumours have it that Epic Games has promised higher stakes for a potential Fortnite World Cup Solo winner and somebody could be expecting a reward of $3,000,000, if luck is to go their way this summer.

To enhance their viewer response and continue their winning reputation, Epic Games have also put plans into place to distribute weekly funds of $1,000,000 throughout the course of there year, covering a range of tournaments and filling those prize pots that keep players on their game. Decisions like this help to raise expectations for the Fornite scene as a whole and allows it to become a more globally appreciated game.

It is safe to say that this esteemed developer holds a lot of faith for this platform and that their efforts and adjustments can help to change many fans’ viewpoint on a game that has a somewhat negative past review.

The sheer amount of money that is being dissolved into this esports title is life changing for some and game changing for many more.


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