Esports Partnership News

The world of esports is one that always seems to be growing, and some leagues and teams continue to secure some terrific partnerships. Those partnerships are important as they end up providing the funding that pushes each league forward. 

Partnerships and outside companies are not always positive in this industry, but there have been some big news stories on both ends of things of late. It seems as if esports partnership news comes in bunches, and the start of summer is a time in which things really start to heat up. 

Riot Games Extends New Partnership

League of Legends is one of the biggest esports games that is currently out there, and Riot Games has done a great job with this product. That doesn’t mean that everything goes right all of the time, but this is a sport that always generates plenty of excitement. 

Riot Games just announced that it has reached a deal with Cisco, and that should have some big improvements for the sport. Cisco is a technology company and the partnership should allow League of Legends to see a huge boost in connectivity. 

This is just a continuation of a deal that was first signed back in 2020 as it transformed the League of Legends esports game at that time. Not only does Cisco help provide technology and connectivity to League of Legends, but it also provides online security. 

Included in the extension of this partnership, there will be new opportunities created for both companies. Cisco’s Networking Academy is going to receive a huge boost through this new deal, and Riot Games will also be looking to come up with new opportunities. 

While Cisco is a company that works with other clients around the world, Riot Games is hoping to become one of the top clients through this partnership. This has been a great partnership for the past four years, and this should be an agreement that continues for years to come. 

Anichess Expands Into ESports

Anichess is starting to become a bigger name in the world of esports, and that is only going to continue with the most recent news. Animoca and worked together to create Anichess and it just reached an agreement with Team Secret. 

There are some great esports organizations out there, and Team Secret is near the top of the list. The ultimate goal with this partnership is to develop a way for Anichess to be played at a high level of esports competition. 

Anichess is currently a free-to-play game, and that is one thing that has made it attractive to esports organizations looking for new opportunities. Competitive chess could end up becoming one of the next competitive esports and Team Secret would have an early entry into this sport. 

This new partnership should allow for a more competitive PvP aspect of the site, and that is where the competition will come from. There is still some work to be done, but this partnership will make some headlines in the sport of competitive chess. 

Epic Games Given Fine

Epic Games is a company that has a big name in the esports world, but not everything has been going well. This company was just handed down a massive in the Netherlands after it was found to have used unfair commercial practices in Fortnite. 

It was the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets that levied this fine, and it’s something that must be settled before mid-June. Epic Games is not only involved with Fortnite, but it has also been looking into other games as well. 

While this seems like a minor violation, the action from the ACM could be a warning sign to other companies looking to advertise.