Esports Teams Getting Into Retail/Fashion

The world of esports just continues to grow in popularity, and it’s no longer just about the games that are played by the best players in the world. Some recent esports news highlights top organizations that are now getting involved in other ventures. 

Fans from around the world are now able to pledge their allegiance to some of the biggest and best organizations by making purchases. Similar to professional athletes having their jerseys for sale, esports teams are now trying to cash in as well. 

Here is a look at three recent news stories that focus on merchandise that can be available for purchase. 

100 Thieves Team Up With Adidas

Adidas is no stranger to producing sportswear that is extremely popular, and the German company is now looking to get into the esports world. Adidas Originals has announced a partnership with 100 Thieves, one of the most popular esports organization in North America. 

This will be the first ever esports collection from Adidas Originals, and there will be a number of unique pieces of merchandise that are for sale. These two groups launched a 100 Thieves esports jersey earlier in the year, but now more memorabilia has been added to the collection. 

Adidas is one of the companies that made the track suit popular, and there will be a 100 Thieves branded track suit available. Fans that are interested in this new partnership can also find T-Shirts, towels, and sneakers are on the way. 

This is not the first time that Adidas has been tied to the esports world as it has already partnered with G2 Esports and Team Vitality. Since fans in the United States are already familiar with the Adidas brand, and that’s why this partnership made sense for both parties. 

Adidas is also looking to cash in on some recent success from 100 Thieves as this team just won the VCT Americas stage 1 by being a dominant VALORANT team. 

Astralis Partnering with SAUNA

Team Astralis is a popular Danish esports organization, and it has already been working with apparel company, hummel. Those two groups are now looking to take the next step as they just announced a deal with SAUNA. 

SAUNA is a Danish company that specializes in streetwear, and it will be creating a brand new line through this partnership. A jersey will be the main piece of this new collection, but there will be other products that can be purchased. 

Fans looking to get the new Astralis gear can find offers online, or there will also be some products in stores as well. There have been Astralis jerseys floating around for awhile through the deal with hummel, and those two groups have had a partnership since 2020. 

The best place to get some of the new merchandise from this partnership will be at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 that will be taking place in London. 

Fans Not Loving New “Faker” Collection

Riot Games recently announced that “Faker” would be the first person inducted into the League of Legends Hall of Fame, and now it’s allowing fans to get in on that moment. There is a new content package available from Riot Games, and it’s not one that has made fans very happy. 

This new content can be purchased for more than 59,000 Riot points, or that amounts to a couple hundred dollars. Most pieces of content are going to be available for a pretty cheap price, but Riot Games wants to ensure that this is a special piece. 

There are different tiers to this new piece of content, but fans are going to have to pay a steep price to get the entire collection.