Esports Teams Making Big Moves

The world of esports is one that never seems to slow down, but most of the biggest stories tend to come from the biggest tournaments taking place. That isn’t necessarily the case this week as there have been some major stories that will impact the industry.

It’s not often that esports franchises team up to impact what’s going on in the sport, but that has been the case at times this week. Here is a look at three major news stories that will impact the world of esports moving forward. 

Team Vitality, R8G Esports Teaming Up

A pair of French esports teams have decided to get together in order to create a chance to enter the sim racing game Rennsport. Those two teams are Team Vitality and R8G Esports, and they will go by the name Team Vitality moving forward. 

This partnership was made as a way for the team to enter the ESL R1 Spring Season, and they are going to be one of the early favorites. R8G Esports is basically providing support to Team Vitality through this deal, but the support is going to be pretty significant. 

Former Formula One driver Romain Grosjean is going to be included in this deal and he will provide support to the Team Vitality roster. He is not expected to compete in the actual event, but he will be around to assist in training and also provide some knowledge. 

The ESL R1 Spring Season is going to become a special event as it is a part of the first ever Esports World Cup that is set to take place in Saudi Arabia. Not only will this add to the excitement of this event, but it will put the sport on the world’s biggest stage. 

Team Vitality was already going to be a team that was signed to compete, but they are now adding one of the best rosters in the world. Many other teams are upset with this new partnership as they feel that is has created an unfair advantage. 

Simulation racing has not yet caught on to become mainstream, but a partnership of this magnitude is going to move the needle in a major way. 

Gen.G Making Major Move

In an effort to remain among the top League of Legends franchises in the sport, Gen.G has announced the acquisition of YOUR.GG. This is a company that specializes in data analytics and social networking, and it should allow Gen.G an opportunity to move past some others in the sport. 

Becoming a better team at the professional level is one of the reasons for this move, but the team is also looking to provide better opportunities for students at its academy. The Global Academy was only founded just a few years ago, but it has already proven to be successful in giving students opportunities to succeed. 

Gen.G is not only a team that has dominated in the League of Legends sport, but it has also found some success in other esports titles. 

Teams Looking For Fan Engagement

A brand new app called “The Dojo” will give esports fans a chance to engage and interact with their favorite teams. Ninjas in Pyjamas is the first to give this new platform a shot, and that franchise believes that it can ultimately lead to more success in the esports world. 

There will be a chance for fans to unlock special rewards and features, and that should get those fans closer to the esports legends that they root for. This is just the start for the app, but it could eventually move into other parts of the esports world.