Fantasyexpo Unveils Details for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Qualifier

Gaming outlet Fantasyexpo has disclosed its format for Western Europe’s BLAST Premier Spring Showdown qualifying tournament, the Fantasyexpo Cup.

As a formal partner of the BLAST Premier’s CS:GO league, the agency will hold qualifiers for countries within Western Europe, put with Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The competition is the outcome of BLAST’s expansion of the qualifying series for its Spring Showdown tournament coming up from 5th to 13th March 2021, giving room for teams to participate in the tournament, this a good opportunity to compete favorably.

“We are happy and glad to team up with Fantasyexpo once again to bring an exciting event. They have huge experience and knowledge in creating amazing and fantastic Counter-Strike events in cooperation with the most talented and advance teams in Western European region” Andrew Haworth, Commissioner for BLAST Premier spoke on the announcement in a statement he released:

“Our only goal in 2021 is to make BLAST Premier the most open and accessible competition series on the scene and by partnering with leading regional most admired Esports firm such as Fantasyexpo, we are able to bring about this, through reaching and providing hundreds of teams around the world a chance to participate in the Spring Showdown from 5th -13th 2021”

Fantasyexpo Cup Event Details

The Fantasyexpo Cup will include a total of eight Western European teams battling for an advance to BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, as well as a $25,000 (~£17,900) ‘partaking fee’ from BLAST Premier, which will be used support the teams from outside of the title’s top-tier.

FunPlus Phoenix, mousesports, and MAD DOG’S PACT have already received an invite for the Fantasyexpo Cup, for the moment, the rest will have a chance to book a spot in the competition through open regional qualifiers, taking place from March 5th to 13th.

In addition, Fantasyexpo will hold one last-chance open qualifier between March 19th – 20th. Krzysztof Stypułkowski, Co-Founder of Fantasyexpo also issued a statement: “We have known each other with our BLAST associate for 4 years now. I am delighted that together we can have a positive impact on the European Esports market”

“Thanks to our partners, local leagues from Poland, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy will have a prospect to offer their teams an opportunity to play on the top level. For Fantasyexpo it is also a wonderful opportunity to gain even more exploit with international events.”

Qualifiers for the Spring Showdown will be open to over 1500 teams across a total of 20 countries, with Fantasyexpo Cup being one of the five regional qualifiers arranged by BLAST’s selected partners. This year, the BLAST plans to give away huge rewards worth $2,475,000 (~£1,771,000) across all seven BLAST Premier events.

What a good way to begin the year in Europe, as Fantasyexpo’s qualifier provide amazing chance to multiple teams in Western Europe, no matter the size of the organization. Despite just one slot being made available for Fantasyexpo, the full qualification system highlights the title’s continued its fame in the region.