Final Days of LPL Split Approaching 

With only two days left in the LPL Spring Season, so much of the standings is yet to be determined. We break down the dramatic ending to the LPL season which quickly approaches.

With two days of League of Legends action left in the 2023 LPL Spring Season, there is still plenty at stake as teams are still fighting for seeding for playoffs. JDG Intel Esports Club has the chance to make a three-way tie for first place at the end of the season, while Weibo Gaming and Bilibili Gaming are fighting for the ever-important No. 4 seed who will get seeded into the 3rd round in the playoffs compared to the No. 5 seed who will get seeded into the 2nd round. 

Current LPL Standings

Edward Gaming Hycan got off to a bumpy start to the Spring Season. By Week 3, they had found themselves all the way down to No. 5 in the standings. They turned things on after Week 5, starting a winning streak they’re still currently on. They claimed 1st in the standings in Week 7 and haven’t given it up since. They’re definitely a team to be on the watch for in the Playoffs.

LNG Esports has spent the whole season on top, never dropping below 3rd place in the standings. Scout has had an absolutely dominant year earning Midlaner of the Week in 5 of the 9 weeks in the Spring Season. LNG Esports fans are hoping Scout’s dominance continues into the Playoffs. If it does, LNG Esports may be unstoppable. 

JDG Intel Esports Club has had an up-and-down Spring Season, to say the least. After getting off to a hot start JDG Intel Esports Club started to slump in the middle of the year, fluctuating between 2nd and 4th in the standings, seemingly with the wind. They’ve had a great end of the season, and if they can secure the win against Ultra Prime on Saturday, they’ll cause a three-way tie for 1st, where they’ll bump either LNG Esports or Edward Gaming Hycan to 3rd due to tiebreakers.

  1. Edward Gaming Hycan (13-3) 

LNG Esports (13-3)

3. JDG Intel Esports Club (12-3)

4. Weibo Gaming (10-5)

Bilibili Gaming (10-5)

6. Oh My God (9-6)

7. Top Esports (9-7)

8. Thunder Talk Gaming (8-7)

9. Royal Never Give Up (8-8)

10. Team WE (7-8)

11. Invictus Gaming (7-9)

12. Rare Atom (5-10)

Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (5-10)

14. LGD Gaming (5-11)

15. FunPlus Phoenix (4-12)

16. Ultra Prime (3-12)

Anyone’s Legend (3-12)

LPL Schedule and Betting Odds

The match of the week is Bilibili Gaming vs Oh My God on Saturday. Both teams desperately need this win to close out their year, as both teams’ spots in the standings have yet to be determined. Bilibili is still in contention for 4th, while a win would secure 6th for Oh My God with a chance to move up to 5th. 

There are only two days left of League of Legends in the Spring Season for the LPL, and with Playoffs, just around the corner, the stakes have never been higher. You won’t want to miss any of the LPL action, which you can catch on Twitch or YouTube. 

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Saturday, March 25th

Bilibili Gaming (-182) vs Oh My God (+141) – 3 AM

Team WE (-185) vs Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN (+145) – 5 AM

Ultra Prime (+968) vs JDG Intel Esports Club (-2500) – 7 AM

Sunday, March 26th

Anyone’s Legend (+236) vs Thunder Talk Gaming (-312) – 5 AM

Weibo Gaming (-588) vs Rare Atom (+397) – 7 AM