First Round of LCK Playoffs Start Wednesday

The LCK Spring Split has come close, and now come playoffs. We cover who is on a hot streak and who may be in trouble in the first round of the tournament.

After yet another intense LCK Split, it’s time once again for the best six Korean League of Legends teams to battle it out for the title of LCK Spring Split Champions. Will T1 be able to secure another trophy for the case, or will one of the other contenders be able to fend them off? With matches starting on Wednesday, we will know soon enough.

LCK Final Standings

T1 had yet another fantastic split, ending on a 13-match win streak. Faker has led his squad of Zeus, Oner, Gumayusi, and Keria to LCK dominance this year, only falling to Hanwha Life Esports. T1 enters playoffs as heavy favorites, but more shocking events have occurred at LCK Playoffs in the past. T1 will watch this first round carefully as they get to decide which of the winners they want to face in the next round. 

Gen.G secured second place and a first-round bye in the playoffs after tying with kt Rolster by being up by two in the individual game wins. Gen.G spent all of the Spring split hovering between the second and third place in the standings. It’s now up to the veteran leadership of Chovy, Peanut, and Doran to help their young bot lane through what is sure to be a hard-fought tournament. 

  1. *T1 (17-1)
  2. *Gen.G (13-5)
  3. *kt Rolster (13-5)
  4. *Dplus Kia (12-6)
  5. *Hanwha Life Esports (10-8)
  6. *Liiv SANDBOX (10-8)
  7. Kwangdong Freecs (6-12)
  8. BRION (4-14)
  9. DRX (3-15)
  10. NongShim REDFORCE (2-16)

* Qualified for Playoffs

kt Rolster (-357) vs Liiv SANDBOX (+260) – Wednesday, March 22nd – 4 AM ET

Bdd and the third seed kt Rolster will start the LCK Playoffs by taking on Clozer and sixth seed Liiv SANDBOX.  These teams feature top-tier mid-laners who both LCK and international fans can recognize.  The difference is how the team functions as a unit. 

Liiv SANDBOX has struggled throughout the season, peaking at third in the standings back in Week 4. Whereas kt Rolster sat as a middle-of-the-pack team before peaking at the end of the season, almost taking second place right at the end. If kt Rolster’s momentum continues, Liiv SANDBOX could be in for a long day. 

Dplus Kia (-278) vs Hanwha Life Esports (+213) – Thursday, March 23rd – 4 AM 

Dplus Kia got off to a quick start to split, starting off as one of the top teams before steadily dropping in the standings each week all the way down to 5th at one point. Dplus Kia was able to turn around and start climbing back up in the standings sitting in 2nd place for Weeks 7 and 8. However, after a horrific Week 9, Dplus Kia enters the Playoffs as the 4-seed. Dplus Kia will have to play at their highest level or risk losing in the first round of the playoffs to a hungry Hanwha Life Esports. 

Hanwha Life Esports maybe enter the Playoffs as the 5-seed. However, they enter with something no one else in the tournament has: a match win over T1. Hanwha Life Esports ran the risk of not qualifying for playoffs, spending most of their season in the 5-7th range in the standings. However, their win over T1 proved how dangerous this team can be when underestimated. 
You won’t want to miss any of the Korean Playoffs action as the best region in League of Legends competes to see who will be LCK Spring Champions.