Fnatic and G2 Esports Tied for First Entering Final Week

The LEC prepares for its final week of the Summer Split Regular season, and so far, only G2 Esports and Fnatic have punched their tickets to the postseason.

European League of Legends fans anxiously await the final week of regular season play in the LEC for the 2023 competitive season. This upcoming week marks the end of the regular season in the third and final split of the season. Teams have three more games to improve their rank in the standings and qualify for playoffs, as only the Top 8 teams advance to the postseason. You can tune into all the action on YouTube and Twitch as the 2023 Competitive season will end for two teams this weekend. 

Current LEC Standings

  1. Fnatic (5-1)

G2 Esports (5-1)

3. MAD Lions (4-2)

Team Heretics (4-2)

5. EXCEL Esports (3-3)

6. SK Gaming (2-4)

Astralis (2-4)

KOI (2-4)

Team BDS (2-4)

10. Team Vitality (1-5)

Fnatic and G2 Esports Secure Their Spots

Currently, the top two teams in the LEC are the perennial competitors Fnatic and G2 Esports, both sitting with 5-1 records. As of right now, they are the only two teams to have secured their spots in the postseason. G2 Esports has found success all year, and this seems just to be a continuation of their 2023 competitive season. 

On the other hand, Fnatic is playing like a completely different team after bringing in Oh “Noah” Hyeon-taek to replace the veteran ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. Fnatic started the 2023 Season missing the postseason in Winter Split, ending the regular season with a 2-7 record. Though their Spring Split went slightly better, as they ended with a 4-5 record in Spring, they failed to show any meaningful results in their quick exit from the Spring Split Group Stage. No one predicted this incredible turnaround, and who knows how long they’ll be able to maintain this level of play. 

No One Wants to be Last

There are currently four teams tied for 6th place in the standings. SK Gaming, Astralis, KOI, and Team BDS are all sitting with 2-4 records, and Team Vitality, who sits at the bottom, is only a game behind them at 1-5. Any of these teams could be facing an immediate end to their season following a poor showing this weekend. On the flip side, any of these five teams could easily surpass some of the other teams in the standings with a stellar performance over the weekend. Ultimately it’s up to the teams to decide how much more League of Legends they have left in their year, as it all comes down to this. 

LEC Summer Split Week 3 Schedule and Odds

Odds will update after each match. Check-in with your odds makers for updated odds. All times listed are in Eastern Time. 

Saturday, July 1st

Astralis (-125) vs. SK Gaming (-105) – 12 PM

MAD Lions (-238) vs. Team Heretics (+175) – 1 PM

Team Vitality (-139) vs. KOI (+106) – 2 PM

EXCEL Esports (+257) vs. G2 Esports (-357) – 3 PM

Fnatic (-323) vs. Team BDS (+231) – 4 PM 

Sunday, July 2nd

EXCEL Esports (-102) vs. Astralis (-128) – 12 PM 

Team BDS (+131) vs. Team Vitality (-172) – 1 PM

G2 Esports (-370) vs. KOI (+257) – 2 PM

Team Heretics (+187) vs. Fnatic (-256) – 3 PM

SK Gaming vs. MAD Lions (-357) – 4 PM

Monday, July 3rd

Team BDS (+231) vs. MAD Lions (-323)  – 12 PM

Team Vitality (-164) vs. EXCEL Esports (+125) – 1 PM 

KOI (-120) vs. Astralis (-109) – 2 PM

Team Heretics (+200) vs. G2 Esports (-256) – 3 PM

SK Gaming (+269) vs. Fnatic (-385) – 4 PM