Fnatic and Team Vitality Sitting On Top of VCT: EMEA

With Week 1 in the books, we break down the VCT: EMEA teams and how their regular season got started.

The Valorant Champions Tour is underway in EMEA. The opening week was this past week, and we’ve already seen some great matches of Valorant. With a majority of the teams in the league sitting at 1-1, it looks promising that we will have a very competitive season in EMEA. Fnatic and Team Vitality were able to separate themselves from the pack early on, and only time will tell if they’ll be able to continue their unbeaten streaks. 

Current VCT: EMEA Standings 

Fnatic came into the season as heavy favorites after winning the VCT LOCK//IN tournament earlier this year. Their run saw them take down the hometown heroes LOUD in Brazil 3-2. They have not skipped a beat, continuing their dominance by taking down both Giants and BBL Esports this past week. 

Team Vitality had a disappointing run at the VCT LOCK//IN tournament, getting eliminated in the 2nd round 2-0 to Leviatan. Using the early elimination as motivation, Team Vitality has come out swinging in Week 1 of the VCT: EMEA taking down both KOI and Team Liquid. They’ll kick this week off with a match against FUT Esports, which should be a fun match.

Team Liquid had an embarrassing first-round elimination against Team Secret, losing 2-0. Team Liquid has bounced back and gotten to a good start to their season. Despite losing to Team Vitality, they were able to take down FUT Esports. We will see in the next couple of weeks if Team Liquid will be able to stay near the top of the league or if this, too, will end in disappointment. 

FUT Esports made it to the second round of the LOCK//IN tournament before losing to 100 Thieves 2-1. Though they fell to Team Liquid, they still can meet the high expectations set for them, proving they’re still a dangerous team taking down Team Heretics. 

Team Heretics is another team that had a troubling LOCK//IN tournament losing in the first round to Evil Geniuses 2-0, losing both maps 13-8. Despite their disappointing performance early in the week against FUT Esports, they were able to bounce back later in the week, taking down Karmine Corp.

NAVI is going to have a lot of work to do if they want to prove to be a contender this year. They fell to KOI quickly, and their win against the Giants went all three maps. Expect this team to come out with a fire under their butts next week. 

KOI’s win was against a less-than-stellar opponent. Their loss was against one of the best teams in the league we are going to need more time to truly know where this team belongs in the standings. 

Karmine Corp looks like the weakest of the teams, tied for 1-1. With their win being over BBL Esports and their loss being to Team Heretics, they’re also on the list of teams that will need to have a big showing over the next couple of weeks to prove themselves to Valorant fans. 

  1. FNATIC (2-0)

Team Vitality (2-0)

3. Team Liquid (1-1)

FUT Esports (1-1)

Team Heretics (1-1)

NAVI (1-1)

KOI (1-1)

Karmine Corp (1-1)

9. Giants (0-2)

BBL Esports (0-2)

VCT: EMEA Schedule

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, April 5th

Team Vitality vs FUT Esports – 2 PM 

Thursday, April 6th

NAVI vs BBL Esports – 12 PM

Team Heretics vs Fnatic – 3 PM

Friday, April 7th

Team Liquid vs Karmine Corp – 12 PM

Giants vs KOI – 3 PM