Fnatic announce EU and NA Apex rosters

With a hype filled YouTube video, world renowned organisation Fnatic have revealed their latest move in the esports world with an Apex Legends roster reveal. Not only that, but this reveal spans across both the EU and NA region with 2 separate teams.

In mid-February the organisation released an announcement on Twitter that they were recruiting for an Apex team. The tweet was quite vague, just driving fans to a registration form, but since then have subsequently run solo and team trials to find the best talent to represent them. A key focus was around the applicants social followings, so it’s likely that Fnatic will initially try to drive Apex-related content whilst waiting for an esports ecosystem to solidify around them.



EU Roster

The EU team consists of two UK players, DcTzr and Didz, and Swedish player N1kola. They have been playing separately and competing in the Apex EU League, but have now been brought together to cause some serious damage. Following the current meta team composition of Lifeline, Wraith and Bangalore, they will quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

The players don’t currently have an established online presence, but DcTzr does regularly stream over on Twitch and we’ve included a highlight video he published below. Top tip: Don’t give this man a Kraber.


NA Roster

With an all USA-based roster, the NA team is comprised of iShiny, Muffinzz and Cornpops. There isn’t much information around the players individually but from their roster reveal we’re excited to see how they perform at a professional level.


Where from here?

Although neither the organisation or individual players had a presence at the recent Twitch Rivals Apex tournament, we will without doubt see the rosters being a heavy hitting contender at upcoming Apex Legends tournaments. We’re still waiting on a substantial investment to be made into the esports scene of Apex Legends, but with Fnatic, 100Thieves and NRG esports all now having established rosters there will no doubt be an upcoming series and number of tournaments announced.