Fnatic is the Last Undefeated Team in VCT: EMEA

As the VCT: EMEA League prepares for Week 3 we break down everything that’s happened so far while getting you ready for all the action coming this week.

After three weeks of play in the Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA League and Fnatic have sole possession of 1st place as they sit as the last remaining undefeated team in the league. Continuing off of their early success at the LOCK//IN tournament, Fnatic finds themselves with early control of the EMEA Region. 

Current Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA Standings

Fnatic has truly looked dominant over the past three weeks. Not only have they yet to lose a series, but they’ve also only lost one map so far in league play, further showing that they don’t just win but win dominantly. It’ll be interesting to see who, if anyone, will be able to put Fnatic on the back foot this year. 

FUT Esports is another team that has shown the ability to win with dominance. Their two wins so far this year have come over Team Vitality and Team Heretics, winning both of those series 2-0. Though they had an early 2-1 loss to Team Liquid in Week 1, FUT Esports has turned it around and are proving to be early contenders for the title. 

Team Liquid started their season off with a 2-1 loss to Team Vitality before turning it around in two days to find a 2-1 victory over FUT Esports. Last week they found a clean 2-0 win over Karmine Corp. They’ll get tested this week as they become the next team to try and take down a high-powered Fnatic. 

Natus Vincere started their year off with a disappointing 0-2 loss to KOI. However, they’ve been able to bounce back, finding a 2-1 win over Giants and a 2-0 win over BBL Esports. Some have this team pegged as the weakest of the 2-1 teams due to the strength of their opponents. However, a strong showing against Team Heretics could easily put the doubters to rest. 

Team Vitality had a great start to their season finding themselves at the top of the League after the first week with a 2-0 record. Their first win was a tough 2-1 match against Team Liquid, followed by a clean 2-0 of KOI a couple of days later. Unfortunately, last week Team Vitality took a tumble losing to FUT Esports 2-0. They will look to get back on track against an easier opponent this week in Karmine Corp. 


  1. Fnatic (3-0)
  2. FUT Esports (2-1)
  3. Team Liquid (2-1)
  4. Natus Vincere (2-1)
  5. Team Vitality (2-1)
  6. Giants (1-2)
  7. Team Heretics (1-2)
  8. Karmine Corp (1-2)
  9. KOI (1-2)
  10. BBL Esports (0-3)

Valorant Champions Tour: EMEA Week 3 Schedule and Odds

My match of the week is Team Liquid vs. Fnatic on Thursday. I think that despite what oddsmakers are saying, this has the ingredients to be a close 2-1 match. Though Fnatic has looked stellar so far this year, you’d have to think it has to end at some point. 

Team Liquid is a strong team and could use a win over a big team to put the rest of the league on notice. Trust me, you won’t want to miss any of the action when these two teams square off in the Valorant Champions Tour

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, April 12th

Team Heretics (+400) vs Natus Vincere (-650) – 2 PM

Thursday, April 13th

KOI (+105) vs FUT Esports (-132) – 12 PM 

Team Liquid (+180) vs Fnatic (-240) – 3 PM 

Friday, April 14th

Giants (-210) vs BBL Esports (+160) – 12 PM

Team Vitality (-325) vs Karmine Corp (+235) – 3 PM