FNCS Major 1 Wrap-Up

There has been a ton of focus on some of the biggest esports events to begin the 2024 calendar year, but Fortnite continues to be a game that is overlooked. While that is understandable at times throughout the year, there was just a massive Fortnite event that took place. 

The FCNS Major 1 just concluded, and this was the first tournament for the new Chapter 5 of the extremely popular game. It can be hard to keep track of all of the Fortnite game because the action tends to change based on the new chapter that is released. 

All of the top players and teams in Fortnite competition were trying to secure their spot at LAN as that will be the massive tournament to end the year. Here is a look at some of the top results from that action and what to look for moving forward. 

Plenty of Winners

While most of the top esports games tends to focus on just one region at a time, that is not the case when it comes to the top Fortnite competitions. The FCNS Major 1 covers many different parts of the world, and that allows teams from all over the globe to earn a spot into the big event. 

Most of the biggest esports events are now played with a massive team format, that isn’t the case when it comes to FCNS Major 1. This sport is played in pairs and only the top duos have been able to advance in the competition.

There were three regional major tournaments that just wrapped up, and that does tend to keep the duos competing against traditional opponents. Even though Fortnite is a game that is played globally, players from around the world tend to attack the action differently. 

North America is known for having some of the top teams in the world, and there was no surprise in the top two teams. Acorn and Cold were able to advance out of the North American region, and both teams are going to be tough to spot at the world championships. 

Some other duos in North America have been pushing hard to try and take down the top teams, but that just wasn’t the case. The two duos from Europe were not a surprise either as there are our players on that continent that appear to be ahead of the pack.

A Look at the Other Regions

While North America is known to have some serious depth when it comes to the top teams, there are some duos in Europe that almost seem to be invincible. Earning the top spot in Europe came with an extra prize, but getting into second place was a goal of every team. 

Merstach and Malibuca were the two players that were able to finish in first place in the European part of the bracket, and they are going to be hard to beat moving forward. This duo was able to get past Queasy and Th0masHD in the final round, but there could be a rematch coming at some point.

Many countries are going to claim to have the best overall duos heading into the final event of the year, but it’s hard to ignore the two duos from Europe. While there will be a ton of focus placed on the two teams from Europe when the final series begins, there are going to be other teams in the mix as well. 

The duo of Cadu and Seeyun won the qualifying spot in Brazil and those are two players that have had some success as well. Suns and Vazen will be another team to watch later in the year as the were able to take the top spot in the Oceania region.