MSI bracket

Four Teams Left Vying for Last Spot in MSI Bracket

Play-Ins stage at the Mid-Season Invitational is underway. We break down the teams still competing for the last spot in the main MSI bracket.

The Midseason Invitational Play-Ins are underway, delivering the international League of Legends action that fans love. Already G2 Esports and Bilibili Gaming have qualified for the main bracket leaving one last spot for the Play-In teams to fight for. Tomorrow we’ll find out who is playing in the Last Chance Qualifier and have a shot at qualification. 

G2 Esports and Bilibili Gaming Moving On

G2 Esports had a dominant run through Group B, first taking down LOUD 2-0 before beating PSG Talon 2-0 in the Group B qualification match. G2 Esports looked like they were on a completely different level than the other teams in Play-Ins. That’s to be expected, though, with a roster that has big names like Caps and BrokenBlade. 

Bilibili Gaming showed similar ease in their run through Group A. They started out with a strong 2-0 performance over Movistar R7. In the Group A qualification match, Bilibili faced off against Golden Guardians in a match that went all three games. Both of the qualified teams could make deep runs in the bracket. 

Movistar R7 vs Golden Guardians 

When: May 6th – 7 AM ET

Movistar R7 bounced back from their early loss against Bilibili Gaming with a 2-1 win over GAM Esports in the Loser’s bracket. Movistar R7 is having a great tournament for a team that many didn’t think would qualify for MSI to begin with. Movistar R7 went into the LLA Playoffs as the third seed, and to make it this far is somewhat of an overperformance. 

Golden Guardians barely qualified for the LCS playoffs finishing the regular season with a 9-9 record which gave them the 6th and final spot in the LCS playoffs. Getting automatically seeded in the loser’s bracket was no problem for them as they still made it to the finals, where they’d fall to Cloud9 in a 1-3 match. 

It’s fair to say that a few months ago, neither team expected to be at MSI, but that doesn’t mean they’ll settle for an early exit. This will be a fun match-up as Golden Guardians will look to make quick work of this one. However, Movistar R7 is used to being overlooked. Both teams have their sights on the Last Chance Qualifier. The only question remaining is who will get there?

LOUD vs PSG Talon

When: May 6th – 10 AM

The other loser’s bracket match determining the other participant in the Last Chance Qualifier is between CBLOL’s LOUD and PCS’s PSG Talon. This may be the most even matchup we’ve had all tournament. With both teams losing to G2 Esports 2-0 and beating DetonatioN FocusMe 2-0 fans are expecting a close match that more than likely will go to all 3 games. 

LOUD had spent the majority of their regular season in 4th place in the CBLOL before making a run at the end of their season, carrying the momentum with them into this tournament. Though they started slowly, they showed poise in the match against DetoantioN FocusMe even when the Japanese squad seemingly had the upper hand over the Brazilians, LOUD still managed to find the win.

PSG Talon, on the other hand, ended the PCS season as the 1st seed going into playoffs. They were super dominant in regional play, so it’ll be interesting to see how this team responds to being in the loser’s bracket. One thing is for certain, which is they won’t go down without a fight as they still feel like they have plenty of League of Legends left to play.