G2 and Fnatic Early Favorites to Win LEC Winter Split

The LEC Winter Split is already around the corner we break down the early odds for league.

The League of Legends offseason feels like it just started, yet fans will be able to watch EMEA’s best teams in action as the Winter Split is scheduled to start on January 13th, which is under a month away. The changes made for next season haven’t been implemented in the game for players, as patch 14.1 won’t go live for a while. Still, oddsmakers are willing to offer betting action for the Winter Split, and currently, we are a few weeks out from the start of the split, and two teams are the clear favorites to win the league. Can G2 Esports and Fnatic be as dominant as fans and oddsmakers expect, or is this the prologue to what could be a fairytale underdog story?

Odds to Win the 2024 LEC Winter Split and Rosters

  • G2 Esports +110
    • BrokenBlade
    • Yike
    • Caps
    • Hans Sama
    • Mikyx
  • Fnatic +185
    • Oscarinin
    • Razork
    • Humanoid
    • Noah
    • Jun
  • Karmine Corp +700
    • Cabochard
    • Bo
    • Saken
    • Upset
    • Targamas
  • Team Heretics +1200 
    • Wunder
    • Jankos
    • Perkz
    • Flakked
    • Kaiser
  • Team Vitality +2000
    • Photon
    • Daglas
    • Vetheo
    • Carzzy
    • Hylissang
  • Rogue +3300
    • Szygenda
    • Markoon
    • Larssen
    • Comp
    • Zoelys
  • SK Gaming +3300
    • Irrelevant
    • Isma
    • Nisqy
    • Exakick
    • Doss
  • Team BDS +4500
    • Adam
    • Sheo
    • Nuc
    • Ice
    • Labrov
  • GIANTX +4500
    • Odoamne
    • Peach
    • Jackies
    • Patrik
    • IgNar
  • Mad Lions +5000
    • Myrwn
    • Elyoya
    • Fresskowy
    • Supa
    • Alvaro

G2 Esports Leading the Charge

G2 Esports will return to LEC play as the defending European Champions after winning both the LEC Summer 2023 Split and the LEC Season Finals. They had a decent showing for a western team at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, which saw them play competitive games against some of the top teams in the world, including a win over WeiboGaming, who ended up being the runner-up for the whole tournament. After such a successful season last year, the organization has decided not to make any changes to the roster for the 2024 season in hopes that they not just repeat their domestic success from last year but also find more international success in the coming year.


Fnatic sits right behind G2 Esports when it comes to betting odds for the upcoming split. Fnatic had some serious troubles for the majority of the season last year, which were rather uncharacteristic of the fan-favorite franchise. However, the team was able to pull it around in the Summer Split, going from 9th and 8th in the Winter and Spring to 3rd Place in the Summer and punching their ticket for the World Championships via a 2nd place finish at the Season Finals. 

At Worlds, the team was just outmatched by the Chinese competition as they would be eliminated from the tournament in the Swiss Stage following losses to LNG Esports, Bilibili Gaming, and WeiboGaming. For the 2024 season, the team went out and signed Jun to play support as their only off-season roster move. The organization believes that the core of the roster is in a solid spot. They hope that having Korean support that will be able to communicate better with Noah than Trymbi was able to will help the team rise to the next level. 

MAD Lions 

The MAD Lions went from being one of the best teams in Europe, earning the chance to compete in the World Championships last year, to the biggest longshot to win the LEC Winter Split. This is due to the crazy amount of turnover the roster is going through, as the team only retained their jungler Elyoya from their Worlds run last year. Only time will tell if that is a smart move.