G2 Esports Announce 2023 LoL Roster

G2 Esports Announce 2023 LoL Roster

G2 Esports announced its new League of Legends roster for the 2023 season on Thursday, December 22. The new look lineup will feature a few new faces as well as returning names, some of whom have returned after a long stint away.

G2 Esports Confirms New Roster

On Thursday, G2 Esports announced its new League of Legends lineup for the 2023 season. As announced, the 2023 roster will include two returning players from 2022 in Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik and Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther, who will team up with two new signings.

In the jungle, G2 Esports will feature Martin “Yike” Sundelin, who took over for Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, while Steven “Hans Sama” Liv got signed from Team Liquid to serve as G2 Esports’ new ADC. For the support position, G2 Esports re-signed Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle who has returned to his old team after one year, having spend the last season with Excel Esports.

G2 Esports’ new lineup now consists of four established talents in BrokenBlade, Caps, Hans sama, and Mikyx, and a rookie jungler Yike, who is set to make his League of Legends European Championship (LEC) debut in January.

This marks the second major roster overhaul for G2 Esports after the European esports organization made significant roster changes in 2020 and 2021. However, with the return of Mikyx, G2 Esports still field two-fifths of its 2019 roster, which won the Mid-Season Invitational and reached the finals of LoL World Championship.

The Return of Mikyx

One of G2 Esports’ most noteworthy roster changes of this offseason was the re-signing of support Mikyx, who was let go from the team in January 2022 in favor of Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé, being his four-year-long stint with the team. The Slovenian support has then spent an entire season with Excel Esports, with who he has achieved a lot.

Most notably, Mikyx helped Excel Esports reach the organization’s first LEC playoffs appearance in LEC 2022 Spring and emulated that success in the summer. Even though Excel finished both playoff runs in sixth place, the 2022 season marked the most successful year for the British esports organization, which was largely thanks to Mikyx, who has proven himself as one of the top supports in the league.

Initially, it was believed that Mikyx wouldn’t return to G2 Esports, but things changed once G2 Esports started inquiring about ADC Hans sama. The French ADC was let go from Team Liquid at the end of the 2022 season and was approached by numerous European squads.

But when it came to deciding which team to join, Hans sama would reportedly only consider joining a team where he would be able to play alongside Mikyx, which eventually ushered G2 to re-sign the 24-year-old support.

Yike’s Time To Shine

Although Mikyx’s return is big news, G2 Esports’s signing of a new junger in Yike is arguably the most exciting move the squad has made. As the least experienced player on the roster, Yike has never before played in the LEC, but has made a name for himself competing in regional leagues.

The 22-year-old started his LoL career in April 2019 with Vortex Five and has since played for seven teams, before he joined LDLC OL in December 2021. With the French squad, Yike dominated the LFL and won nearly every event he has attended in 2022.

Throughout the season, Yike helped LDLC OL win LFL 2022 Spring regular season and playoffs, as well as the LFL 2022 Summer regular season and the playoffs. Beyond the domestic success, Yike also claimed silver from European Masters 2022 Spring and reached the semifinals of the European Masters 2022 Summer.

Due to his immense success in 2022, Yike has caught the attention of many of Europe’s top LoL teams, but eventually decided to join G2 Esports, where he replaced Jankos.

It remains to be seen how the new-look G2 Esports roster will do in the next season, but according to the latest LoL betting odds, G2 are the main favorites to win the LEC 2022 Winter Split. Priced at 3.50, G2 Esports are tied with KOI (formerly Rogue) as the top favorites, ahead of Fnatic (3.75), Team Vitality (7.00), and MAD Lions (11.00).

LEC 2022 Winter Split Outright Odds

  • G2 Esports 3.50
  • KOI 3.50
  • Fnatic 3.75
  • Team Vitality 7.00
  • MAD Lions 11.00
  • Excel Espots 15.00
  • Team Heretics 34.00
  • SK Gaming 67.00
  • Team BDS 101.00
  • Astralis 151.00