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G2 Esports Reportedly Parting Ways With XTQZZZ

As reported on Friday, October 28, G2 Esports are supposedly cutting ties with CS:GO head coach Remy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam.

As reported on Friday, October 28, G2 Esports are supposedly cutting ties with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive head coach Remy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam.

If the move is confirmed, the 33-year-old will leave the European esports organization after a 10-month stint, which began at the start of the year.

A Woeful Season

G2 Esports are reportedly looking to make changes to its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division, following a streak of disappointing results.

Widely regarded as one of the best CS:GO teams in Europe, G2 Esports failed to live up to the expectations in 2022 and have recently reached a new low by failing to qualify for the Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major.

After reaching the organization’s first CS:GO Major finals in November 2021 at PGL Major Stockholm, the expectations put on G2 heading into the 2022 season were high. However, the team failed to live up to the hype and has achieved little to nothing over the last ten months.

G2 Esports kicked off the year well by placing fourth-sixth place finish at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 and reaching the finals of IEM Katowice. But from there, success was hard to come by for the European roster.

Just a couple of weeks after G2’s solid showing in Poland, the team crashed and burned at ESL Pro League Season 15, where G2 Esports placed 17th-20th. Unfortunately, things didn’t improve in the following months either, as G2 finished the European RMR B in fifth place and finished their PGL Major Antwerp run in ninth-11th.

Even though the roster changes, G2 Esports didn’t achieve much success. In June, they placed fifth-sixth at IEM Dallas and crashed out of semis at BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022, finished IEM Cologne in ninth-12th, and exited BLAST Premier Fall Groups in fourth-sixth.

Things started to look up early in October when G2 Esports found some traction at ESL Pro League Season 16, where they reached the semi-finals. But the situation soon turned sour after G2 Esports crashed and burned at European RMR A, where they placed 12th-14th, thus missing out on qualifying for the IEM Rio Major.

Coaching Changes On The Horizon

G2 Esports already attempted to fix the team’s performance by introducing roster changes earlier this year, but outside of occasional flashes of greatness, G2 Esports couldn’t get back on track.

Now, according to recent reports, G2 will look to fix their issues by making changes to the coaching personnel by replacing the team’s head coach, XTQZZZ.

The 33-year-old French strategist joined G2 Esports in January 2022 to replace Damien “maLeK” Marcel, who got sacked from the organization after the team’s loss in the PGL Major Antwerp’s grand finals. XTQZZZ joined the team alongside Aleksi “aleksib” Virolainen, who got appointed as G2’s new IGL but got soon replaced by Rasums “HooXi” Nielsen after the team’s shaky performance at IEM Cologne.

Through all the changes G2 Esports has introduced, XTQZZZ has remained put in his position as a head coach. However, with the team failing to show any sort of improvement, it seems like even XTQZZZ’s time with G2 is running out.

As it stands now, G2 Esports have yet to confirm XTQZZZ’s departure, but according to reliable sources, the European esports organization is already looking for a replacement. It’s currently unclear who will take over for XTQZZZ; however, with many CS:GO teams on the brink of freshening up their CS:GO division, G2 will likely have plenty of options.

G2 Esports will likely announce XTQZZZ’s departure and a replacement coach before the team’s next competitive endeavor, the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022. The event is slated for November 23-27, meaning we should get more information about G2’s new head coach in no more than a month.